august 7

so i put ‘06/08/2008 cutting’ online

it’s tricky

for a start, i hate how the scanner destroyed it – the bit that works the most for me about the piece is how three-dimensional it became, a sculpture in paint almost, layer upon layer of emotion

i like the way the paint fought with itself – i didnt want to wait for it to dry, I wanted each layer, each colour, each brushstroke to be forced to interact. And i kept going til the white won…

there’s some pretty deep stuff behind it, i’m not yet sure about sharing that

i wonder what it looks like as an image when you dont know it’s story

i’m surprised i dont hate it – something about it works for me – the process of creating it was more powerful than i had expected, it shook me up a bit

it’s a transient moment in a journey though, one i dont yet know which way it is headed

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