How to avoid muted colours on Redbubble

It’s been annoying me that when I upload an image onto RB, the colour saturation of the images is very muted, this doesn’t occur as obviously when I upload to other sites so I’ve been experimenting with different profiles in Photoshop.

And surprisingly, the answer is for Redbubble, save your work without a colour profile embedded. Here are two images that are identical. The first is with my standard colour profile embedded and the colours appear muted here compared to how they look in PS.

The second is saved without a colour profile and then it appears the same on RB as it does in PS.

Strange but it works for me.

I think the reason for this is that when a colour profile is embedded, then RB must be replacing that with their own colour profile for optimum printing. This means a conversion which subtly (or not so subtly) alters the colours.

When no colour profile is in the upload, then RB does the same thing but because there is no initial colour profile to change, it simply maps its own profile to the actual colours resulting in a displayed image that is much closer to the original.

My logic may be flawed but it does work.

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