Dave Lloyd

Joined October 2007

Hi. I have been taking images for many decades and I hope you enjoy the works I have here as much as I have enjoyed taking them

Last Week

I hope you all had a very happy New Year.

I had to work late, but went to a party at the seafood restaurant, across the street, afterwards. Always love the Thai folks’ parties. It was a very enjoyable time.

Anyway, last week saw my counter climb past 60K and ten images featured in groups. Man, there are a lot of groups :<)

There were also hundreds of comments. This is my most important number.
Thank you all for that.

I also had some time to wander around RB. Time I wish I had more of. There are so many wonderful artists out there. Truly inspiring work by so many.

Consequently, I added many new folk to my Watchlist.

You may want to have a look at some of the works these folk do. If so, click here


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