Dave Lloyd

Joined October 2007

Hi. I have been taking images for many decades and I hope you enjoy the works I have here as much as I have enjoyed taking them

50K ...

… Just clicked over the 50,000 views mark. Raises some questions for me.

Numbers don’t really mean so much but here is what I can see :

Views – 50,000 – Means a lot of people are looking.
Images – 985 – Means I probably have too many but I want to add more !!
Features – Dozens – It is exciting to be featured.
Sales – 13 – Hmmm ? Would like it to be more but never mind.

The MOST important number !

Comments – ??? – Don’t know the number but it is a heck of a lot and, the amazing thing is, they are all positive !!!

For me, this is the most important reason for displaying my work on RB. I enjoy getting comments, as I am sure you do too. I think this is the very best thing about RB. Makes me feel like my ‘art’ is appreciated. Also makes me strive to make my images better and upload more. But, as I said, maybe too many now.

Anyway – Thank you everyone who comments on my work. Literally, makes my day every time.

Thank you RedBubble for a wonderful site also. Love it.

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