it must be hard to see from where you're standing.

this time, in this instance, my surrender does not mean you are right. it means i am letting you “win” although i am not quite sure of what your prize is. you think that because you have to have two sides that must mean one is right, leaving the other to be dubbed as wrong. but i have somewhat forced myself to grow up. i know that you know deep down that we were both wrong. we were both very, very wrong. the most wrong we have ever been, fighting for something that we believed to be right. but we lost what was most important. i got out before sinking too deep. you remained and got lost, and you continue to sink into your own misery pit. and i cannot blame you for trying to portray yourself as being right, for it must be your last ditched effort to keep your little fantasy world alive. what is so very sad about all of this is how, because i have removed myself from the situation to become another onlooker, i can see the giant circular path you are beating into the ground with every step you take. and by the look on your face, by the way you carry yourself, it is clear that you think you are moving forward in a straight line towards something different. the circle you are walking along has a diameter so massive (quite frankly, from the way you keep side-stepping to the outskirts of the real issue) that you can have no way of knowing you are walking in a circle. you are a fool. and there is nothing i can do now but to watch you blindly stumble around and around and around and around. i hope that soon you open your eyes long enough to catch a glimpse of what all of your “moving on” has done – created a beautiful crop circle. your “moving on” is a hoax. and i won’t be there to say, “i told you so.”

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