Rick Wollschleger

Nunda, United States

Award winning photo artist from a small town in New York’s Southern Tier. Widely exhibited locally and nationally. Next up the...

Now and Then Poster $13.61
Elysian Field (of dreams) Poster $13.61
To Die For Poster $12.47
Holy Donuts, Batman!@#$%^& Poster $12.47
Double Stuff Poster $12.47
Pals Poster $12.47
Theodore Wisdom Poster $12.47
Tighe Poster $12.47
Before & After Poster $13.61
Round Food for Every Mood Poster $12.47
Remembering Vincent Poster $12.47
The Doll Collector:  My Precious Blue Eyes Poster $12.47
April Showers Poster $13.61
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep..... Poster $13.61
Mother Nature - Not Just Another Pretty Face Poster $13.61
Strawberry Shortcake Poster $12.47
8 Miles High Poster $13.61
Imagination - The Center of My Universe Poster $12.47
At Sea Poster $13.61
The Lady of Shallot Poster $13.61
Still Dancing in the Autumn of Life Poster $13.61
Cat Glancing Poster $12.47
A Rose Poster $12.47
Oblivious Poster $13.61
Transfixed Poster $12.47
Asleep in Her Dreams Poster $13.61
The Counsel of a Wise Man Poster $12.47
Reflections Under a Copper Sky Poster $13.61
Table for Two Poster $13.61
Hot Poster $12.47
Dorothy, We're Almost In Kansas Poster $12.47
Looking Poster $13.61
Christmas Angel Poster $13.61
La Fleur Poster $13.61
When Less Is More Poster $13.61
Snoozing Poster $12.47
Heaven Sent Poster $13.61
Apples Poster $12.47
Victory! Poster $13.61
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement Poster $12.47
Hollow Body Bass Poster $12.47
Midnight Snack Poster $12.47
Read All About It Poster $13.61
Caught in a Moonbeam - Sprinkled With Stardust Poster $13.61
Bono Poster $12.47
Uncle Jack's Driveway Poster $13.61
Nothing Better Poster $12.47
The Street Poster $12.47
A Spoonful of Delight Poster $13.61
Watching Poster $13.61
Mother Jones Has A Toothache Poster $13.61
Abernathy's Garden Poster $12.47
Tatooed by Nature Poster $12.47
My Ears Won't Fit  Poster $12.47
Ambidexterous Poster $13.61
Sundown at Pier 23 Poster $12.47
A Distant Light Poster $12.47
The Third Day Poster $13.61
While Grandfather Plays Poster $13.61
Shiloh Poster $13.61
A Magical Union Poster $13.61
Cats In The Clouds Poster $13.61
I Think Therefore I Am Poster $12.47
Alien Landscape Poster $12.47
The Beautiful Poster $12.47
Lady in the Lake Poster $12.47
I Wonder What's In There? Poster $12.47
Good Advice Poster $13.61
Chatter Boxes Poster $12.47
We'll Leave a Light On! Poster $13.61
Happiness Is Like A Butterfly Poster $13.61
Baliwick's Circus  Poster $13.61
Love Is Poster $12.47
Holy Macro! Poster $13.61
Nature's Artistry Poster $12.47
The Biggest Eye Poster $12.47
Eyes to the Heart Poster $12.47
Seascape Poster $13.61
Scrapbook Poster $13.61
Lily and the Bear Poster $12.47
The Gathering Poster $12.47
In Earth's Embrace Poster $13.61
A Quiet Evening At Home Poster $13.61
More Than  A Conqueror Poster $12.47
The Cry of a Lonely Heart Echoes From the Strings Poster $13.61
Pot Full of Quiet Poster $13.61
Whiskers Poster $12.47
Fungus Poster $13.61
Oversaturation Poster $13.61
Old Whatshisname Poster $13.61
The Naked Mirage Poster $13.61
Disembodied Poster $13.61
Prayer Poster $12.47
To Port Poster $13.61
Towell Dried Poster $13.61
Wild Thing Poster $13.61
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