Been a long time

Since I went out and took some photos for myself rather than going for a client’s benefit. Boy was it refreshing even though at the start I was going wtf am I doing here. Already drove for over an hour just to get to the location and having absolutely no pre-visuals to work with and no idea what to expect, I went about shooting.

Had a really great time but alas, it’s time to repress it again until it bursts out again in a bit. I feel better working that way rather than overindulging and over-obsessing in the one thing hence why I stopped the street series altogether.

Also personal photography also started having a destructive impact on my personal life and I couldn’t shoot for myself anymore.

I don’t think I’ll get back into submerging myself in it completely again but will take do it in dribs and drabs, including client work. Starting to become more selective about the stuff I want to do and having a direction rather than trying to take on everything all at once. Taking the time out to get back into drawing and exploring more music has also helped out.

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