Girl of Lust

She leads a life in lust
Just pain for pleasure
Making her gain
Living a decadent lifestyle
Will be her downfall

Again and again
It’s the same old story
A young girl making her living in lust
Just another toy to man
Shes got no ties
And tells all lie
On her path down

Another dollar gets slipped in
She takes off her pride
He wags in anticipation
At her demoralizing slide
He grabs her wrist and forces her down
Another rape she has’t to face
All in a days work

Again and again
It’s the same old thing
She works had just to pay her lord
Mankind just tossed her aside
Like a broken toy

Shes just a young girl
Making a living in lust
Didn’t choose this life
It was forced upon
Her crying smile is sympathetic
Her broken heart is reason to love

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