Sexual Health: The Sacred Door To Paradise

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
Albert Camus

For thousands of years humanity has repressed its own sexual nature with taboos, projected judgments and all manner of fear based punishments. This has created repression on one hand and reactive selfish lust on the other. Repression and addiction are the two abuses, or ditches on either side of the road of healthy reality. The really tragic thing is that this central road, that is so little known, consists of all that is natural, innocently pure, vibrantly life-giving, beautiful, and normal.

Religion, which is supposed to represent the Divine Creator, is the worst offender. Just look at the repressive, fear-based moralistic codes, behavior, thought processes, and even the dress-codes of all “Orthodox” believers: whether Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Catholic, or Protestant. What a paradox. These people all believe they are the ones who most truly represent the Creative Being who lavishes the Universe with sensual beauty and has designed the human body to be so utterly sensuous, ecstatic, beautiful and pure. These people sincerely believe that they somehow are mirroring the divine mind and nature with their repressive, fearful, and judgmental natures.

This repressive/addictive pattern, so deeply established in our collective psyche, has far reaching implications and effects. Sex is the divinely designed life-force energy. This means, the Divine Source of all has dreamed it up. We have been conceived through sex, developed inside a woman’s body, and issued into this world through her sacred yoni. Our first instinct for survival is to find our mother’s soft breasts and suck milk from them. These are formative instincts and experiences to our very being and survival. They are hardwired inside us. The body/mind system instinctively knows all of sex and embodiment is beautiful, life-giving, desirable, healthy and good — and is therefore delightful. When the mind is turned against this instinctual knowing with feelings of fear, wrongness, or shame, there is a devastating twisting that happens in the human energetic constitution. And when this twisting is made sacred… well, what a mess!

With men a repressed sexuality ultimately leads to both the degradation of women and a secret addictive desire for them. Turning your mind against your own instinctual intelligence and nature most often leads to violence born of frustration on one hand, and the crippling of guilt, shame and fear on the other. A repressed masculine can easily turn these deep inner conflicts out onto the world, onto others, onto all those different, into class warfare, into violent wars.

With women, men’s repressive influences have resulted in a loss of knowing how beautiful they really are as feminine faces of the Divine, taboos about being in touch with their own healthy, ecstatic sexual natures, social typecasting, all manner of fear-based restrictions, being typecast by men’s fantasies, being classified and judged by shifting social standards of beauty, and in the case of reactions against all this, swinging out of feminine receptive and nurturing qualities into aggressive masculine ones.

These facts cannot be denied, and that they have far reaching repercussions must be realized and faced. Because of this alienation from natural healthiness we suffer, all of us suffer. In a very real way our deep archetypical yearnings for a lost paradise are connected to our longings to regain a primal innocence of being, to live as fully spiritual/physical people at peace with both our sensuous and spiritual natures.

How do we regain wholeness is such a world when a love of innocence is construed as pedophilic; a man’s love of the feminine form is typecast as being pornographic; a desire for sexual healing and health for the unmarried has no socially accepted outlets?

We must create new patterns together, with clear intentions, and have the courage to manifest in our own lives whole new ways of being: fully natural; wholly healing and happy; gloriously free. A few examples would be the naturalization of tantric massage as a healthy outlet for those not in a committed relationship. Also the naturalization of nudity on all beaches and places of swimming. It doesn’t take long acclimate to natural nudity with its inherent instinct for naked, open honesty as well. Also, wise women giving sexual/spiritual training and initiation for adolescents that connects their newly awakened powerful sexual drives to their deeper instinct to surrender open to Life itself — in all its highs, depths, mystery and divine dimensions.

Let’s create a new world, a sane one, a spiritually naturalized one that embraces all of Life with Love at last. Let’s break the patterns of this insanity we have “normalized” for so long that the natural feels unnatural and the unnatural natural. We know now — don’t we?— that this is just not right and doesn’t work. Let’s begin where we are to change things and let sanity grow.

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