Shouting out: Let's grow free! It is time for it! It is time!

Jesus said, you shall know every tree by its fruit. Look back now, over the centuries of history. What are some of the obvious, primal lessons, staring us right in the face?

Humanity has been repressed: our innocent, Life-force energies have been repressed and brought under clouds of fear, guilt and shame by organized religions and by political rulers and law makers. Why? What benefit is this to anyone?

It benefits those in power. It creates a weakened humanity, a humanity that can be controlled by rulers. We can look to nature for an obvious example. Just observe the difference between a bull and an ox. An ox is a castrated bull: its primal sexual life-force energy has been cut off. Now it is docile, listless, content to do its master’s bidding without complaint. Now it is bored with life. Now it is happy to just have something to eat and a place to lie down. But a bull: this is a magnificent, free, wild and noble creature. You cannot control a bull. Its primal, God-given instincts are in control. If it sees a heifer it will move through all that resists it to get to her: to unite, to be in pleasure, to release its seed. Its vital energies move through it, rippling its muscles, enflaming its brain to pour out its ecstatic energies to create more life.

To recover our ecstatic energies in wholeness, repressing no aspect our multifaceted beings, but united with our higher instincts would not create a world of primal selfish lustful creatures, as we have been taught to believe — for it is not the primal life forces that are evil, but the twisting of them and enslaving them under the shadows of guilt shame and fear. This is where evil flourishes. We create our own demons and spend all our energies either trying to conquer them or serve them in degrading addictions. No, we are not bulls but divine beings who have lost our ways. “Don’t you know that you are gods?” Jesus asks the religious leaders of his day. They didn’t get it, for they were in the business of repressing their own selves and others in the name of God, the fountain of free flowing waters, the bubbling springs of eternal Life.

In truth we are beings capable of such beauty as our greatest artists and musicians constantly show us, as all those who work to relieve human suffering everywhere constantly reveal. This is how humanity would be unchained, naturalized, noble and free: we would learn to trust what feels good, and move through it to the deeper harmony of feeling really, really good on every level of our beings, connected to the greater unity of all Life. We would move past bodily pleasure alone for its own sake into the higher pleasures of living a fully meaningful life, of inspiring others to good, to beauty, to the higher pleasures of a fully free life. But we are convinced that the natural cannot be trusted, that it is natural to be selfish, warped, and manipulative. What if all that isn’t true at all? What if we have become conditioned to be afraid of the truly natural and to adapt to the unnatural? How can we test whether this is true? We can look at the nature of our own bodies; they can teach us.

We know it is not natural to poison our bodies with contaminated foods, imbalanced nutrition, allowing lactic acid to build in muscle structures through lack of movement. It is not natural to overeat, no matter what our body type is. The body bogs down; it adapts to being overloaded, stuck and poisoned. The body is amazing in its ability to adapt — for good or ill.

But how is the body designed to naturally function at top efficiency? Eating good, organic foods loaded with minerals, enzymes and vitamens; lots of clean oxygenated water to move things around and flush us out; free movement in a great variety of spontaneous patterns, such as uninhibited, free dance; stretching, elongating and opening the muscle fibers, breaking up internal stuck connective tissues. When we are fully harmonized with the ways of health and healing the body starts to sing. Light returns to our eyes; pain melts away; we start to walk up on our toes. We feel good, very, very good. This is natural — completely natural.

And our souls? We are not designed to weigh them down with unresolved conflicts; inner energetic reversals because we believe what is not natural and real; repression of our own Life force energies out of fear, guilt and shame. This is the pathway to creating our own inner demons that consume our creative energies and render us weak and dependent — or monstrously predatory and dangerous to others.

Every breath we take teaches us to freely release as well as freely receive. Forgive, open up, let go, make room for the new: simply learn the lessons of past pain… there is no one condemning you but yourself: breathe deeply, be free!

It is natural to be fully present to Life, to each sensation in the eternal moment with our full, unburdened presence, with our full free moving energies, with our full merging of awareness with bodily sensation, the inner union, the harmonious state of wholeness that is both fully human and fully divine. This is an ecstatic state, joyous, awakening to the miracle and gift of existence itself and all the beauty of this astonishing world. It is natural to feel good — very, very good — in body, soul and the miracle of our Life, our awareness… what we call Spirit, or the Breath of God.

This is full, free, natural state of being is union with the Divine Source of all, the Great Freedom, the Pure Essence, the sacred gift-giving miracle out of whom the trillion galaxies and all dimensions and created beings move and have their being. This is the free, creatively juicy, pleasure-filled, joyous, inspired state of humanity, —what it is to be wholly natural again, and truly free.

Time to wake up. It’s time to grow free now. It is time for the timeless. It is time to feel really, really good.

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