Moving into a Greater Freedom

I have been posting poems and video blogs on YouTube. I’m so passionately excited about the emergence of freedom, celebration, and natural wholeness I sense is happening all over the world. In the late 60’s there was a movement to be free, as most know, but it was flawed in many ways. Too many drugs and too little respect for others. But this movement has the potential to be more truly spiritual, connected to a sense of the ultimate unity of the nature of existence and finding our place harmoniously and happily in this reality. I have included the text of this talk for those who rather read, or would like to read along.

More Love, Light and Freedom in the world and in us all!

Christ was radical, a wild man who transformed the ancient world… that is before Christianity tamed the image of him and claimed to own him, and in the process stopped the radical revolution of consciousness he put in motion. In this blog series I would like to explore a poetic, beautiful vision of Christ as the Light of Life itself, in everyone of us, the very Light in our eyes, the Light of a consciousness that is the primal substance of everything, I mean that holds every atom together, that gives existence to the primal pixels of matter and form so to speak, being ultimate harmonious Love and the dance of creative freedom, and how this reality relates to unity consciousness, the time we are in, liberation from religious limitations, a new world, and our True, happy, free natures.

All old spiritualties have a shadow side of fear. They were formed by men who predominantly considered nature, women and sex to be a distraction to their pursuit of transcendent freedom. They filled their religions with taboos, which are curses upon those who do not adhere to the laws, customs, disciplines and beliefs that form the communal group — and, of course, empower its leaders. This fear inhibits lawless, degrading selfishness in some of the people somewhat, but it also represses our natural wisdom, instincts of childlike joyous exploration, and free creative reimagining of the Divine.

Through our advancement in medical technologies thousands of people, all over the world, have died and been brought back to life. This is unique in history. A certain percentage of them come back with amazing stories of being released from their bodies into states of super consciousness and expansive, unbound, flying freedom. They tell of One Light that gives existence to all, and that this Light is beautiful beyond all telling, thrilling them ecstatically with its warm goodness and Love to the billionth power. They also say that we alone judge ourselves, that there is no judgment at all in God, but God, like the sun, radiates pure Love, pure acceptance, complete joyous liberty.

Another fantastic message, with such beautiful implications, is that the Soul of God evolves… For thousands of years the Soul, or Self Expression of God, has been growing more gracious and beautiful, liberating and compassionate through the accumulated experience of all human souls, for the Soul of God is composed of the Souls of all God’s children. This is the mystery of the intimate relationship between the unique mystery of the human soul and God. I mean, God is up to something. God has created billions of galaxies and who knows how many different dimensions with other Universes and is infinite in knowledge and limitless in power. What on earth do we think God is up to anyway? Saving a few and rejecting everyone not lucky enough to be born in a part of the world that believes just the right things? When will we stop projecting onto God our limited, tribal and exclusive human attributes, based so much on pride and fear? Do we really think God who is in everyone and understands everything with a heart of limitless understanding and tender compassion shows favorites?

The old age of tribal exclusivity, of “we have the truth and you don’t” must be transcended NOW. The Source of all is just that: the root of all Existence, and is within all of us, giving form to everything. So just how can one religious group or tradition claim exclusive ownership of the all encompassing Source of everything? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense…

We are in a new time of rapid change and it is essential that we flow with change. We must be free to change ourselves, our patterns, our technologies and our world. Let’s be free to explore, to question everything, to tune into and follow our cleansed and restored , innocent, body/mind instinctual wisdom, to become more fully alive to the ultimate Unity and Oneness of Life and freely express our deepest values and the most important spiritual qualities that keep releasing us into innocent, playful joy and real Love. Let’s learn all about this Love by opening up to receive it as freely as sunshine, for there is no other way. Only in this free way can we be healed of our primal pain of the illusion that we are separate from others, Nature, all Creation, and God… that great living Ocean of laughter and Light. Let’s grow up right in the midst of the collapse of this old world order into a new, bright, beautiful state of increasing freedom. Let’s enter the joy now! Sing, dance, play, splash colors, hug each other, inspire others, help each other, and in the countless ways that creative freedom gives, celebrate this beautiful gift of our existence. I mean, what are we waiting for?

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