Meister Eckhart wrote that all creatures love God, but at their source alone, for only there, in the pure spot, do we grasp the purity in all things, and that all existence, in some true way, sings.

And this singing is us, and we love it, the pure shining, the unadulterated ecstatic freedom of energy flowing in its most life-giving and affirming river courses that forever wind in new patterns through our brains, refining our feelings, ever more liberating, more inspiring, forever what Life is, and we are — free and pure.

Once we emerge from the shadows of man made religion and fear we are free to wake up in our own, unique, word-rich, color-fused dance of soothing ways and share it, like a dish, freely offered at a feast.

All beings Love their source: to be more aware, awake, celebrative, thrilled, enraptured, alive. This is the path the most radiant, love-crazed mystics of all cultures and times have sung. This is the good-news journey into Love’s highest beauty and all that is real.

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