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Creative Writing with Blake Steele
Author of 14 books (including 4 novels)
Poet with over 3,000 poems

Two On-line, conference call classes:
1. Writing to Expand Your Soul in Creative Freedom (Four 2 hour classes)
Write to express through vignettes, stories and poems your most important values and passions to others: clearly, beautifully, and with authentic power.
2. Writing the Novel You Have Always Wanted to Write (Ten 2 hour classes)
The class will carry you through the most difficult period of getting the work established until it gets its own energy and life.
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I have this passion for a new world burning in my heart. I can imagine all over the place wild, beautiful things… like warm hugs from strangers on the street just because they noticed your silly smile and bright, hopeful eyes. Like revolution meaning dancing together, making music, trading things, cooking food for everyone and giving it away, painting faces, releasing thousands of balloons into the sky. Like people living in a daisy chain of small, loving communities built around huge play yards for children, lush organic gardens, and communal art studios because people realize that it is the most natural thing of all to love our children into freedom, live amidst profuse flowers and fruit trees, and to make everything more and more beautiful.…

I dream of trillions of dollars, euros and ye

Sexual Health: The Sacred Door To Paradise

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
Albert Camus…

For thousands of years humanity has repressed its own sexual nature with taboos, projected judgments and all manner of fear based punishments. This has created repression on one hand and reactive selfish lust on the other. Repression and addiction are the two abuses, or ditches on either side of the road of healthy reality. The really tragic thing is that this central road, that is so little known, consists of all that is natural, innocently pure, vibrantly life-giving, beautiful, and normal.

Religion, which is supposed to represent the Divine Creator, is the worst offender. Just look at the repressive, fear-based moralistic codes, behavior, thought proces

Shouting out: Let's grow free! It is time for it! It is time!

Jesus said, you shall know every tree by its fruit. Look back now, over the centuries of history. What are some of the obvious, primal lessons, staring us right in the face?…

Humanity has been repressed: our innocent, Life-force energies have been repressed and brought under clouds of fear, guilt and shame by organized religions and by political rulers and law makers. Why? What benefit is this to anyone?

It benefits those in power. It creates a weakened humanity, a humanity that can be controlled by rulers. We can look to nature for an obvious example. Just observe the difference between a bull and an ox. An ox is a castrated bull: its primal sexual life-force energy has been cut off. Now it is docile, listless, content to do its master’s bidding without complaint. Now it is bored with lif

Moving into a Greater Freedom


I have been posting poems and video blogs on YouTube. I’m so passionately excited about the emergence of freedom, celebration, and natural wholeness I sense is happening all over the world. In the late 60’s there was a movement to be free, as most know, but it was flawed in many ways. Too many drugs and too little respect for others. But this movement has the potential to be more truly spiritual, connected to a sense of the ultimate unity of the nature of existence and finding our place harmoniously and happily in this reality. I have included the text of this talk for those who rather read, or would like to read along.

More Love, Light and Freedom in the world and in us all!

Christ was radical, a wild man who transformed the ancient world… that is before Christianity tamed the im


We have lived in a world that is turned around backwards in so many ways. This reversal of what is truly natural creates stress — the number one killer of mankind. It creates loneliness, confusion, disappointments, and makes people slaves of others. But, as Lao-tzu taught over 2,600 years ago, the fruit of living in harmony with the Way of Life, or the way life actually works, is harmony of being, freedom, and harmony of society. Jesus showed the way in action and was in such utter union with the way he could only say things like, “Turn it all around; heaven is right here;” and, “I am the Way of Life (happening)… I am what is real.” This way, he said, creates joy, peace, love of each other, love even of our enemies: Love like sunshine, unconditional and radiant in currents of Life-force, …

The Wild Christ Nobody Owns Novel Released

I’m so happy to announce that my novel, The Wild Christ Nobody Owns, is now alive and kicking in print. There is a web site that presents it, so I won’t explain more here. If you would like a copy, you can order it through the site.

I will only say that this turns religious tradition upside down and restores so much that has been repressed in Western spirituality. It is all about freedom in love, and love in freedom.

The Wild Christ Nobody Owns

Thank you for trying creative forgiveness

Thanks to those who tried the experiment to visualize the Hipster Hitler person full of Light and the RB management as well. The offensive material has been removed. I won’t presume to say it was because a few people generated positive energies in the Light of consciousness. Neither will I deny it. It is a mystery. All that I do know is that this principle is working very powerfully and I see consistent results in my life.…

As the Wild Christ (pre Christianity) taught, if you ask and do not doubt, the mountain will move. It is worth experimenting with for sure. The alternative of dualistic reactions create endless stress and conflict and resonate with our deep traumatized unconscious natures.

A whole new way of being is being born in the world. I see it everywhere. This is very, very good


I have a clearer picture of the Hilter situation on RB… but am more aware of what I don’t know than what I do. Here is what I know:…

There is one person who is for unknown reasons creating and marketing tee shirts that trivialize mankind’s primal icon of evil… Adolph Hitler.

Many good people have left this community in protest after it became clear to them that the RB management was not going to censure this person’s work.

It is presumed that the reason for this are either:
a. the management has Neo Nazi leanings
b. the management puts profit over principle
c. or both of the above.

This troubles me because I do not wish to support either neo Nazism or people who are so unprincipled as to put profit over principle. At the same time my mind asks,
a. Is there any other reason, such as a belief t


I haven’t been on RB as much lately and just became aware of the Hitler stink. Of course this kind of mindless stupidity is dangerous and needs to be clearly addressed, which it seems like has been done. What concerns me the most is the attitude of a lot of beautiful people of discouragement and a desire to withdraw from the RB community. If the touch of evil causes the good to run, then evil is in control.…

I know from experience that one of the most pervasive unconscious wounds is expressed in the victim mentality. The victim is powerless before evil and looks for the authority (mom and dad figure) to fix everything. A healthy organism is self-cleansing and healing by the action of the entire organism. By each of us raising our voices and rattling our fists in the wind the RB community i

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