Lawnton, Australia

Bianca is a Brisbane based visual artist of Australian Aboriginal, Scottish & English heritage; her ancestors are the Kabi Kabi...

Reflection on the passing decade.

In the decade about pass I have been in a realationships with the same person, I have been married, had 2 beautiful boys, brought a house & 5 cars. I have had 7 jobs and at least 65 art exhibitions I have taken over 200 self portraits. I have gained 65kg & lost about 55kg through this constant gain & loss battle. I have had 8 people close to me pass away & I have lost at least15 pets. I have made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I have drank about 3000L of wine and I have laughed, loved, danced, sang and cried more than I can remember. I have shared my memories, knowledge & dreams for the future with anyone willing to listen.I have been inspired and inspired others. I have taken important moments to celebrate life, mourn the past and I have tried to live in the moment everyday. I have grown in age, wisdom, strengh and I have learned from my mistakes. I am looking forward to the challenges, lessons and celebrations of the next decade. Happy New Year to all my friends & family.

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