Lawnton, Australia

Bianca is a Brisbane based visual artist of Australian Aboriginal, Scottish & English heritage; her ancestors are the Kabi Kabi...

Black day

It’s a black day and I don’t know why? I sit and cry,
I look out side and see the sky but I don’t know why I sit and cry,
perhaps it because I have been made slow down
as may car has been taken out into town
I am stuck at home with things to do
Yet I walk in circles wondering who is who
perplexed, hurt and angered too
I cry & cry for fools like you
I cry & cry for times gone by
I cry & cry but I don’t know why
I cry & cry for something to do
I need to escape, I need a break through
I cry for something to do
I cry for the old & the new
I cry for those who are crying too
who like me, are the isolated few.

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