Lawnton, Australia

Bianca is a Brisbane based visual artist of Australian Aboriginal, Scottish & English heritage; her ancestors are the Kabi Kabi...

Black Dog

My dog is weeping for his love,
the games they played led to their down fall,
today she is in the pound,
and I sit here with a heavy heart,
guilt overwhelms me,
how could I sentence my dog to death row,
I thought I didn’t love her,
but why then did I and my kids weep for her?
I wish I could have at least said goodbye,
I was at work ,
it was there master who took control,
he said he could no longer deal with there escapades,
their daily escapes,
nor could the neighbours who put them in prison in the first place,
but we had to make a decision,
as our bank balance never lies,
and the ring leader remains on death row.

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