Lawnton, Australia

Bianca is a Brisbane based visual artist of Australian Aboriginal, Scottish & English heritage; her ancestors are the Kabi Kabi...

The world gets smaller.

This morning I woke up made a coffee and had my imagarinary cigarette (I gave up 8 years ago – but I still have that morning cigarette in my mind)) checked my e-mail thats what I do instead of reading the newspaper. I opened my facebook account and I had this message it was 24 years in the making, It was a message from my old bestie from Westie that I haven’t seen since I moved from Aberdeen to Australia in 1983. I burst into tears trying to explain the whole thing to my hubby he just didn’t seem to understand, it was like I won the lotto – I couldn’t wait to tell my family. I have never forgotten this person, I have carried her in my herat all theses years as she played such a great part in shaping and forming who I am today, obviously she had never forgotten me either. It’s funny as recent as yesterday I had been telling my kid about her. She still lives in the Uk and I here in OZ but the world no longer seem so big as I can messenger her. We have 24 years of life to catch up on, so far we have seen so many similarities we are both in the art and community development. I am so emotionally messed up by this, all I can do is cry. It’s like finding that sister you had taken from you, cos’ we where inseperable, but forced to live worlds apart. I love you Lucy xxx

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