Lawnton, Australia

Bianca is a Brisbane based visual artist of Australian Aboriginal, Scottish & English heritage; her ancestors are the Kabi Kabi...

A cure for the flu

On second thoughts a cure for everything!
It’s retail therapy,
I did it today and boy do I feel a lot better -
perhaps a little guity but good
I shopped and shopped and shopped
like a woman possessed or deprived of her pleasure of shopping for some time
I bought myself a new printer (Mmmm – is so good to have a printer that works)
a wireless router
a dress
and a whole stack more stuff on e-bay tonight (mostly art). I am going to buy some cards on bubble next and perhaps the odd shirt.
I am out of control I tell you
and earlier on in the week I went on this massive second hand book buying binge!
I am sure I will be feeling much better tommrow – perhaps I will go to the markets or even the dump shop and buy back some of the rubbish that I threw out afew weeks ago! Feeling much better already…

Shopping is god (oops! typo – I mean good)

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