To Everyone !!

May I wish everyone all my friends old and new a Very Happy 2010 and may all your dreams hopes and wishes come true .

Love and hugs to you all
Irene xxx

An Apology !!

I am really sorry if I am not getting to comment on everyones work , only I am finding that I have so many people now on my watchlist and watching me that I am really struggling to keep up with the comments .So it is really hit and miss. I do look at all the work but just don’t have time to comment on all of it .
I really appreciate all the comments people leave for me and I always reply to them , unless I miss the odd one accidently .
So please forgive me .
My very best wishes to you all , have a wonderful Christmas and New Year .
All the very best wishes for 2010
Love to you all,
Irene xxx♥♥♥xxx

I am Thrilled.!!

I have got into 7th place in the Mood and Ambience Group out of 170 submissions with this picture of my grand daughters so I feel pretty happy about it . The same amount of votes as the winning picture as it happens :=) .
This picture was a snap I did in my garden about 18 month’s ago . It wasn’t staged at all ,I asked them just to stand together while I took a picture and this was the result . It was totally naturel for them to stand together like this as they get on so well.
I played about with the colour and put some framing round it .

Adding textures and Layers .

This is a tutorial I did some time ago .
This is the sort of thing I am looking for in this group .
This image I finished of by using The liquifyer Tool to excentutae the gown and the tips of the flowers.
If you need any help just let me know .…

From This

*To This!

I have been asked lots of times how I do my textures and layers , well here is the best way I can explain it without it being too complicated .
Go to File and open the picture you want to layer.
Now for the layers .
Open File and bring back your picture ,
Then go to File

What a great week . Thank you .

I don’t often do this in fact very rarely , but I have had such a good week I thought I would share it with you.

I have had 10 features and Six top tens in the CHALLENGES with these .
I wish to take this opportunity to give all the people who voted my sincere thanks .
Bits and Pieces

Halloween Group

Cottage Style

Shots in the Fog

Your Living Spaces.
Ist place

Live and Let Live

For anyone on an OAP Pension in Britain. (Important )

I was so irate when I heard the news this week about the rise in the OAP pensions ,I have got a petition going .
Petition here

I know there are probably not so many of you on here who are as old as I am , but I am sure you must know someone who is . Or maybe not .
It is an insult to people who have worked all their lives to offer them a measley 34pence a day . What on earth are they supposed to do with 34pence , it wouldn’t even buy them a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk. .
I fear for a lot of the elderly in this country who will probably die through cold because they cannot afford to put any heating on , or they may even starve to death
While in the meantime the layabouts and scroungers of the country seem to get everything they want . WHY should they bother to work. ?
Please if you

Third in Challenge .

I have come third in a challenge which I am pretty pleased about as there were over 250 entries , It is on of my personal favourites so it makes it even better .Many thanks to whoever voted for it .

I Have won a Challenge .

Although I feel a bit of a fraud as I obviously didn’t take the picture as it was taken a Little before my time :=) Just
But I love this picture and it is a treasure .
The challenge was in the Days gone By group

My Grandmother on her motor bike in around1885

Something to Brag About . !!

It isn’t often I brag , but I am so pleased for my son, this is a marvellous achievement and I am keeping everything crossed for the presentation day .

Darren my son rang me from France, he is on holiday there at the moment, , he entered some of his pictures into The Photograher of the Year a big prestigous thing run by the Sun Awards for professional photographers ,Shot Up North there were 40,000 entries and they have picked two out of his , there will be a presentation in October and they will then present the overall winner prize. This is brilliant for him the publicity from it will be great for his business.
This is one of the pictures

This is the other
Wish him luck everyone please .
Irene x

Hi Everyone ,

There is a new lady on redbubble and she is a friend of mine , please take a look at her work and give her a warm welcome .
She is very new to photography , so new she only started last week . So if you have any tips for her I am sure they would be very welcome . You will find her Here

You may notice she joined in November last year but that was down to me . It has taken this long to get her interested. :=)

Hi Everyone !!

I am back from my trip to Cornwall and I have had a wonderful few days
with Richard and Catherine Veal . They were wonderful hosts and we got on like a house on fire and had lots of laughs. Richard had me on the tops of cliffs at 6am , showing me the sites of Cornwall and we walked for miles, well it seemed like miles. We have taken hundreds of pictures , so I will be sifting through them. Don’t worry I won’t be boring you with them all.
Thank you Catherine and Richard for being so welcoming I had a fabulous time . .xx

The Retired and Happy group also the Floral , Watercolour and Pastel group are now open again. Smugglers Haven and Devon & Cornwall groups will be open probably tomorrow..

Going Away.!

I am going away on Monday for a few days so I am sorry I won’t be commenting next week.
I am going down to Cornwall with Richard and Catherine Veal for a few days and I am really looking forward to the break.
So I will see you all when I get back .Hopefully weather permitting with some great pictures.
Have a great week everyone .
Love Irene .xx
Richard Veal


Another Top Ten

I have come third in the *Morning & Evenning Sunbeams & Storms * challenge .
I am delighted as this has been one of my pictures with the most comments on .
Thank you so much to whoever voted for it .

Sorry everyone .

I am having a really bad day , I apologise for not commenting or replying to comments today , I can’t get into RB from my desktop , the browser is locked , I have uninstalled my Norton thinking it was that and still can’t get in .
I just have no idea what to do next so if anyone has any ideas what to do I would be very grateful You will have to tell me in idiot proof language though .
Well anyway it isn’t just that , someone has just run into my car and damaged the front wing , so as you can imagine I am not a happy bunny .I think the best thing to do would be to go to bed and start again .
Just isn’t my day .


I am on a Roll.

I have had another .in the top ten in the HDR Photograhy Group Challenge .

With this shot .
I am over the moon . Thank you to whoever voted for it .

In Top Ten

I have come in the top ten in this group Challenge .

Hand Painted or Drawn Buildings and Architecture

I am really thrilled with this , as it seems I have lost my way with painting buildings . Maybe it will come back lol

Thank you to whoever voted for it .

Really Excited !!!

I don’t often get this excited , well sometimes but I am over the moon. I have got first place in the Group Avatar challenge WHICH WAY
This is my very first ,First place .
Thank you to everyone who voted ,
I love you all :=)
PS. It also got featured in the group too.

Tear Jerking Afternoon. :=(

This afternoon I went to the RSPCA looking for a kitten , I want one like This
Anyway like the daft person I am I thought I would have a look around being as they didn’t have any kittens . I walked up and down where the dogs where and what a sorry sight it is , all these sad dogs thin neglected ones old ones going grey , unwanted ones that people have thrown out because they either don’t want them anymore or they can’t afford to look after them and feed them . Anyway I came accross this one dog it was quite big it look like some sort of hound , well it stood straight in front of me and looked straight into my eyes , it was love at first sight , I spoke to him and he turned and started to push himself against the cage for me to touch him or stroke him which is not allowed . The next thi…

The Joys of Flat Packed Furniture !!!! There aren't any !

Firstly how long does it take to actually get inside the box ,? Approximately 15 minutes , then you have to fight your way through lots and lots of polystyrene , eventually whoopee there it is in all it’s glory , about a thousand bits and pieces . All with letters on them to make life a little easier .
So then you lay them all out in their little packages and try and find the instructions which just happen to be in the box under all the polystyrene which I have just thrown out . Another ten minutes to find them through the rubbish .…

Now then , how hard can this be ? The instructions are there in front of me , no writing of course just little diagrams . Try to follow them at your peril .
Two hours later ,I have managed to get one side and three shelves in place after I had tried to hold

*Vital to all the Women on here* !!!!

Please go to this page .

It is vital to every woman everywhere , to read this and make sure you have regular checks or mamograms as you just never know when this may happen to you . It can go undetected because you don’t always have symptoms .
My sister has just been diagnosed and has to have a mastectomy , even though she has had regular mamograms .
So please ladies be aware it could happen to anyone of us at any time .
Love to you all Irene x

A Special Feature .

I have been feature in the Wildlife Appeal group , this is the reason I am showing this feature as it is a special place for a special cause

All proceeds from sales of this picture are being donated to the appeal.
They need your help
Thank you to the Wildlife Appeal group for featuring my work .

Pear Shaped , Revealed

When I put this image on the other day , I had a few Bm’s asking me was it or wasn’t it ?, So I am going to clear it up for you and show you the full unadulterated version .
Look away if you are easily embarrassed .

Here is the one I posted ,

Here is the unadulterated version . ,You can open your eyes now .:=)


I am sorry if my comments are a bit hit and miss at the moment . I have my grand daughters her for a couple of days and they are keeping me busy .
Normal service will be resumed over the weekend
Love to everyone
,Irene xx

Has anyone wondered ??

I love this artist and his work with colour is fantastic. But with this latest shot I wonder what these poor chicks were put through to colour them like this just to attract sales , I would imagine .
Personally I think it is cruel.


I know the artist Jerry Alcantara has had nothing to do with the colouring of these birds, he merely took the picture as many of us would if we saw the same thing. So this is not a slight on Jerry in any way .

What If Anything.????

Is RB doing about all these shots reappearing .? I have had eighteen shots from one person this morning , some of them going back eleven days , it is getting beyond a joke now and time consuming .
Isn’t it time they sorted it out? This is five weeks now this has been going on and it is getting very tedious.
I don’t know how everyone else feels about it ?

Irene x

Emergency over !!

Well I have been on my side , standing on my head ,trying to do it through a mirror, I feel quite disoriented , I am too old for all this . I think I need a lie down .
Thank you for your suggestions , , in case it ever happens to anyone else I doubt it would , it could only happen to me , well right click a blank space on your screen and properties where a box appears which says graphics and it gives you different settings , 90 , 180, 270, but of course I saw all these and tried them all and my screen was upside down sideways to the right and then the left and after about ten minutes trying to use the curser that was upside down I then noticed Normal and hey ho it is , back to normal I mean .
I need a drink . ha ha .
Love Irene x

*Two featured artists* .

I have two featured artists in my new group , Retired and Happy We have interveiwed them so you can get an insight into the person behind the work.
If you would care to check out their work and leave a comment for them , I would be very grateful. These are the links to the interviews.


And BIgD

Featured !! I am Thrilled .

I don’t shout about being featured anymore but on this occasion I am . the reason being is because it is one of my watercolours which has been featured and I am over the moon , The reason is I am not confident about my paintings at all. In fact if it wasn’t for a couple of people on here I would never have posted them in the first place l.
So you can imagine how I felt when I saw that this one has been deemed good enough for a feature . Many thanks to Wen and Dogbreath for featuring it . in the Old Farts group.xx
you can see it full size here


*My New group* , *Retired and Happy*

My new group is up and running , so anyone 55 or over and retired or semi retired are welcome to join .
It will be an easy going group , you won’t be bombarded with Bm and I will be accepting all your best work . Please read the guidelines and follow the rules and that is all you have to do .
I look forward to seeing your work in the group.
Love irene x

Challenge !!!

I have just noticed I got in the top ten in the*Watercolour paintings* group Challenge Still Life with this painting ,I am really pleased I haven’t had any of my paintings voted for before .

Assistance Needed ,Please Read !!!

I am about to set up a new group and I am going to call it.


This group is for anyone who has worked all their lives and are now enjoying the pleasures of not having to go out to work anymore .
We will be accepting art of any type , be it photography , watercolours oil paintings or any other type of art .
So long as you have reached retirement age and you are 55 or older, you are eligible to join a place to show off your best art .
It will be an easy going group hassle free and you won’t be bombarded with the dreaded bubblemails .

I will let you all know when it is up and running providing I get the go ahead from RB.

Thank you Irene

I have now got my co host , Hilary has kindly offered her help.


Why is everyones work showing up twice in the activity box ??
Why is everyone’s work showing up twice in the activity box ?? ha ha

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