Big Clean Up. !!

To my dear redbubble friends ,

I have been having a big end of year clear out . I have whittled my pages down from seven to four .
In my experience I have come to realised that people when viewing your work only ever look at the first few pages and then become bored and move on.
I apologise to the lovely people who have favoured my work and commented .
I really appreciate all your comments , but New Year new start .
My very best wishes to everyone , have a wonderful Christmas and may your New year and 2009 be a prosperous and healthy one for all of you .
All my love , Irene xx

For all your support in 2008.

Christmas Greetings . Please Read !!!

Hi everyone , well we are nearly into 2009 where do the years go?
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends on redbubble a wonderful Christmas and every good wish for the New Year.
I have enjoyed all my time on redbubble so I must thank the REDBUBBLE team for creating such a great site . I have learnt a lot on here over the last year and a half and hope to keep learning over the coming years .
I have made a lot of very special relationships on here and the people I am referring to have become very special friends to me . I have had help and a lot of encouragment from all the wonderful comments I have received .
Here are just a few of the special people on here who never waver .…

Here are just a few ,

Larry Fridel , David Parkin , Richard and Catherine Veal, , SharonA

Second I think in Challenge !!

Well I am second on the top ten list in the Challenge in the PRIZE CHALLENGE group , the challenge was" Magically magically on the wings of a dove ". To be honest I can’t remember entering it . So thank you to everyone who voted for it . I am over the moon.
This is the picture .

I am Back .!!!!!

Hi everyone , well I am back in action again after three or four long laborious days , sorting out all my missing and now found pictures.
Thankfully I think I have retrieved the majority of them. They are now back on my external hard drive , and I think any missing ones with be on the back up discs . Which I have always used as a safe guard until the summer and I just hadn’t got around to moving about ten folders or copying them .
My son said it would be a good idea to get another external hard drive to be on the safe side an they are reknowned for their unreliability . Which is what I intend to do as extra backup.…

I am sorry you have all been neglected over the last few days and there is no chance of catching up ,so I will start from today and do what I can with the commenting.
Thank you

Hi Everyone !! Please Read .!!

Good morning , first off I must apologise to everyone for not doing any commenting over the last three days but I have been up to my eyes in it .
There is good news and bads news .
The good news is I have recovered a few thousand of my pictures , The bad news is all the latest and some not so new have vanished I think forever . All my flower pictures are missing and lots of other stuff.
But I am not going to have anymore sleepless nights over them , I am just going to sort some out from here ( RB ) .
I want to thanks everyone who has given me advice , especially Richard Veal , my dear helpful friend David Parkin who found me this website which if ever you are in this predicament is well worth making a note of , it is called Recover my photo’s this is the Link
George Swann who has been …

My Redbubble friends ,Please read.

I must thanks you from the bottom of my heart for all the advice which has been left for me and especially from Clive for going to all that trouble .
But because I am a total computer nerd , it has made my head spin and I have no idea what it all means . . I am so upset that I just can’t take any of it into my brain . It seems there is a glimmer of hope and I really hope so but I think I am going to have to try and find someone who can come and sort it for me , as I don’t want to make matters worse than they are .
Thank you all very much
Love Irene x

Devastated !!!

I have lost all my pictures today , everything I have done this year has disappeared off my computer . My only hope of recovering any pictures is if RB can help me somehow with the pictures on here that I have showing and hidden in my profile . I feel sick inside when I think of all the hours work I have put in to creating them , I am totally devastated .
So I don’t know if I will be posting anything in the near future or if ever again .


I would like to wish all our American friends a Very Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow .
I hope you all have a wonderful day .
Don’t eat and drink too much or you will miss all the lovely work on RB .
Have a great day
Love Irene x

Regarding David Parkin !!!!

This lovely young man has come up with another video for me , what a darling he is .
I just happened to mention that a couple of people I had shown the original one to had said how wonderful it was but were not keen on the music . Now he has redone the video with some different shots and added different music .
David I can’t thank you enough . I will have to send you one of my pies in thanks :=)
You are a lovely thoughtful young man .
Many many thanks .
Love and hugs Irene x
You will find him Here
If you do not know who he is and what he has done for a lot of people on here .

Follow up From Yesterday's weather picture .!!

I received this this morning , which I am absolutely over the moon with , simply because I didn’t even know there was a competiton , and now I have been informed that I have won .

Hi Irene

Congratulations – your photo will be shown on tonight’s Granada Reports Weather as one of our competition winners!

I will put your prize in tonight’s post.

Kind regards

Hannah Leedham

News Assistant

Hannah Leedham | News Assistant | Resources, Vision | ITV plc
Quay Street | Manchester | M60 9EA | Tel: 0161 952 6018 |

Email made my day !!

I have just received an email from the North West television company Granada reports saying they are using one of my pictures to back the weather forecast on this evenings programme . I am absolutely thrilled to bits , they used one of mine once before about this time last year as it happens . So if anyone lives in the North west watch the news this evening keep your eyes open .
It has made my day , I also get a Granada goody bag from them .

Take a look at this wonderful work !!

Archann has been on my watchlist for a very long time and his work is incredible yet I can’t understand why he doesn’t get more comments .It is no good just clicking on and glancing at them you need to view them large to appreciate the hours of work which has gone into creating them . Well I just think they are wonderful take a look here Archann

A Feature I am really proud of !!

I am absolutely thrilled about this particular feature as I really feel I have achieved something when one of my watercolours gets recognition . I have never been confident about posting them as I never know if the work is good enough , so thanks you so much to the hosts of " Bits and pieces" for the feature .

“This painting”

Taken from" frogsters " initial creation , Thank you so much Larry for the loan of the picture x

Rememberance Day !

11/11/11 , the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month .

Lest we forget .
I have had this picture in my collection since last year and I moved it yesterday but as nobody has commented , not on the picture but about Rememberance day , I thought I would put it in a journal .

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
For all the people who have lost their lives in all the world conflicts.
This is the cenotaph here in Accrington in Oak Hill Part , Lancashire uk .
I know it isn’t the 11th but we have rememberance Sunday here too as well as the 11th which is Tuesday .

You can see the cenotaph more clearly on my profile page . It is a wonderful one .

I Have been Featured .

Which I find quite amazing as ths shot was thrown out of the challenge in the 1:1 macro group .
Thank you to the hosts of the group " Extreme Close- Ups " Clive and flyfish
I really appreciated it .

Cards from Redbubble . Help Me Please !!!!!

I am going to have take a grip of myself ,I have become a “Cardaholic”, I have just been putting the cards away which arrived this morning and decided to count how many I have bought in the last year .
altogether I have bought 58 cards of other peoples work and quite a lot of my own . I am going to have to stop or open a card shop , I don’t know that many people to send them to , in any case , when I get them I don’t want to part with them , they are all so lovely . Not only am I addicted to redbubble I am now addicted to buying cards .
I need help anyone any suggestions ? Before I have to move house to accommodate them all.
The frightening things is , I have started doing the same thing with calendars . !!!

Please Read !!!!!

I just want to thank everyone who has commented on my work over the last few days .

I am sorry I haven’t replied to you individually but I am just not up to it at the moment .
This problem I have is taking it’s toil at the moment .
I am going through and looking at everyones work but have only managed to comment on the odd one or two
So please forgive me , I will be back as soon as I am feeling better .
Love to you all Irene xx

Good Morning everyone , PLEASE READ !!

I am sorry I won’t be able to do any commenting today , I am in a lot of pain with my arm and shoulder . I think I must have done myself a mischief when I was bowling the other day or trapped a nerve .
I will be looking at your work but just not doing the comments
I apologise .
Love to you all Irene x

A Sale !!

Thank you thank you thank you , whoever you are for buying a card of a "Rose Between Two Thorns "
I am really please and honoured that you would buy my work .

Please say prayers for these people

There are 1700 people missing in the Lake District in the north of England uk, who where taking part in a Fell run yesterday ,which had to be abandoned through Flash floods .
Pray that they are found this is a terrible tragedy .
We hope they are found safe and well.

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!

I am absolutely jumping for joy , I have sold my very first framed print ,,
It has taken my breath away and I am over the moon with joy . I don’t know who the buyer is but would love to know , whoever you are thank you thank you thank you so much . This is the picture .


Please Read.

I am really sorry if I have missed commenting on anyones work , I do look at it all when I can , but I have been really busy this week with one thing and another .

I just wanted you to know I am not neglecting you .
Take care everyone and have a great weekend.
Love and hugs Irene xx

Wow , Wow Wow .

My buyers booth photo of the t shirt I bought , created by Larry Fridel ( frogster ) has been featured on the Home Page ,.
To say I am thrilled would be an understatement .
Well done Larry for creating it in the first place and many thanks to redbubble for choosing it .

The T Shirt is Meet My Dog

Everything is ready bar the shouting .!!

I have been making sure this morning that my camera is dust free everything is in the bag , two spare batteries four memory cards , Laptop cables , tripod , Little camera ( just in case ) plug in cable for the camera , itinery , I am sure I have forgotten something , what can it be ?I better check again ,.

Oh just remembered ,Better Take THE CAMERA :=))…

Wish me luck everyone , I will be off about ten o’clock in the morning and it take approx three hours to get to Porthmadog from here . So if it’s a nice day I might have time to go to Harlech castle and take some shots there .
Have a good weekend and thanks to everyone who gave me advice it is all locked in this little brain of mine , but will probably all vanish when I get there .
I will be back Sunday sometime, so I will let you

Just Noticed another feature !!

I was just looking at which of my pictures have been featured and came across this one again , this time in Photographic France group . I have found a few looking on the list of features , so you should check them out as you don’t always get informed
Many thanks to the host I am delighted .

I Have Been Featured Again !!!! Wow !

I am stunned and delighted and honoured that I have been featured in the " Watercolour Paintings " group , never in my wildest dreams did I think one of my paintings would be featured , I am over the moon and it has given me the confidence to carry on painting

Many many thanks to the hosts of the group.

Take Your Time !!

Sometimes when we look at the work on here we tend to rush through all the beautiful pictures . I know it is all time consuming but quite often we miss the real beauty of the shot by not looking at it properly .

There are a lot of beautiful works of art on here and when you examine them closely you can see all sorts of different things that you would normally miss .
So next time you are viewing your friends works take a second longer and see the real beauty
Love Irene x

Thank you everyone !!

A big thank you to everyone who has given advice and tips for the wedding I am doing on Saturday . I will do my best to be calm and not to panic . I actually feel a lot better about it now .
If I feel like a panic attack is coming on I will do what Judi said and take deep breath’s
You are all fabulous .
Love Irene x

Sorry about these Journals !!

But I am getting the jitters I am going to Porthmadog ,in North Wales on Friday to do the pictures for my nieces wedding and I am getting nervous . It is not like going out and taking a few pictures this is the most important day of their lives and I CANNOT mess this up . She is very casual about it , but I want them to be special after all you can’t go back and redo them .

If anyone has any tips on keeping calm without having to take a fist full of valium ( Me I mean not the bride) I would be grateful . Or any tips regarding taking the pictures ,I am happy to listen .
Sorry I am gabbling , when I get nervous I either talk too much or just clam up .

Love Irene x

Are You Bored ??

I hope I am not boring you with this series of shots of Whalley Abbey , I know what it is like sometimes , because I have done it myself , I thought OH NO not another picture of this place and here I am doing the same thing .
Please tell me if you are fed up with them as I still have a few more to post .
Love Irene , have a great day everyone x

PS You can be honest I won’t take offence .!!

The Mystery of Von is solved !!

Well for anyone who may be interested, he is still alive and kicking , he has just emailed me to tell me he is just very busy and has been working away . But he will be finished this particular job tomorrow . So no doubt he will be back over the weekend .

So we can all breathe again he hasn’t died ha ha .

Does anyone Know

What has happened to Von McKnelly .?
He was here when I went away and I haven’t seen hide nor hare of him since I have been back .
Can anyone fill me in .?

Another feature

Thank you so much Susan for choosing this picture to feature in " One for the Album " group . I am absolutely delighted .I didn’t actually take this picture as believe it or not , it was a little bit before even MY TIME . In case you haven’t seen it before it is my Grandmother and she was the very first lady to ride a motorbike in Lancashire uk in or around 1885 .

Another Feature ,

I have just noticed that I had another picture featured in "Animal Kingdom " group , it must have happened while I was away and I missed it ,
I am thrilled to bits , so thank you to the hosts of the group I am sorry it is belated .

Cracking Up.

I must have been having a senior moment because just now when I was going through the overviews and came accross " You have sold a calendar " I got quite excited and then it came to me it was me who bought it . It was so early this morning that I had completely forgotten . Never mind . Too much on my mind .
Irene x

Driving me nuts !!!!

Is anyone else having problems with redbubble running really slooooooowly .?
It is driving me to distraction every comment takes for ever and just every action you do you have to wait .

"Painted Birds Group " NEW

Hi everyone ,

AngelArtiste has asked me to co host this group with her ,
any paintings you have of birds ( the feathered variety ) will be accepted, so dig into your portfolio’s and see what you can find.

Love Irene and Angela.

Thanks Everyone .

Hi all my lovely bubble friends , many thanks for the welcome back.
I have been out all morning filling my cupbooards and fridge so please take this note as a thanks .
It is lovely to get such a great welcome home .
I will be back with you shortly .
Love Irene .x

Hi Everyone ,I am back.

I am back and fully rested having had a lovely time in France , just doing practically nothing but reading and sunning myself in the glorious sunshine .
I have had a quick look and there are hundreds of works been posted over the last 10 days so I have no chance of catching up but I will look at all your work when I have sorted myself out .
Nice to be back and love to you all.
Thank you also for the comments which have been left while I have been away.
Love Irene x

Good Morning all my lovely bubbler friends

I am off to France tomorrow for nine days so I thought I would just let you know , just in CASE you happen to wonder where I am . :=))
I am hoping to get a few days sun to make up for this dreadful summer we have had
. I hope you all have a great week ,
Take care everyone ,I will think about you all and miss you .
Love Irene x

I would just like to put a point forward to end this discussion !!!!

What’s RedBubble?
RedBubble is a vibrant global community of people with creative interests. It’s something different for each of us:
a place to share the illustrations you create at night,
a forum to seek feedback on the story you’re writing,
a creative antidote to the day job,
lunch break entertainment,
a gallery to inspire,
a marketplace to buy and sell unique works of art and,
a place to be inspired by like–minded people.
RedBubble is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community

Another Feature.

It has been a really good week for me ,I have been featured again ."A Fractal Energy Passion " Group

Many thanks to the hosts for choosing this one , I am delighted .

This is the fractal

Hi Everyone , please read this it concerns you all.

I have become co host with Kim and Mike Davitt of the " Family and Friends candid " group .
So what I want you to do is go and rummage through all your family and friends pictures and get them sent to this very new group . The shots must be taken without the knowledge of the person , no one must be looking into the camera , and posed for pictures and no rudies , oh and no animals .
I hope to see some great pictures .

Here’s the link

My Birthday !!

I just want to thank everyone who has sent me good wishes for my birthday which is today .
Hilary has kindly done a card for me so there are qute a few people on her watchlist who aren’t on mine so I would like to thanks them also.
I have decided that this is going to be my last one and I shall be deducted years from now on . :=))
I am just happy to be here and hope I can celebrate many more deductions .
I still feel that I am in my forties , I wish..People say it isn’t how you look it is how you feel and your state of mind. I totally agree with that statement.
Thank you all again for being such great friends .
Love and hugs to you all.

Back to Normal.

Well at last I will be back to normal , the house is finished and my grand daughters are going home later today . I won’t know what to do with myself as everything is sparkling like a new pin . Well almost everything.
I am off to France again in two weeks to see my grandson for his 10 th birthday and I am really looking forward to the break and hopefully some sun . Where does the time go ?, I can’t believe he is ten and I am ten years older .
Mind you I feel as fit as a fiddle ,all that running up and down ladders must have been good for me .
I shall be back to commenting properly next week and I am also going to try and get back into painting watercolours , I have done two sketches all I need to do is add the paint .
Nice to be back and thank you all for all your best wishes and concer…

Can Anyone Tell Me !!

Why these two pictures are not considered candid shots. ?The reason I ask is that they have both been declined form the Candid Group.

I thought candid meant that they were not posed for and the subject was not looking into the lens of the camera.
.I would like your opinion . Maybe I am wrong.

Well I am Finished .!!

In more ways than one .I feel like I have been at it for months.

Well almost just a few odds and ends to sort out . This is part of my dining room which I finished yesterday .
I think it was worth all the hard work ,. I have decorated five rooms in just two weeks , I wonder how long a professional would take ?, A lot longer I bet .
One thing is for sure it won’t be getting done again in a long time , I am getting to old to be running up and down ladders .
Sorry about all the whinging I have been doing over the last couple of weeks but it just seemed it was never going to end.
Love to you all and I should be back commenting properly on everyones work next week.
Irene xx

Featured twice.

Thank you so much Kim and Yool for featuring two of my pictures in your new group " Flowers in macro " I am over the moon .
Really honoured .

Hi all you Bubblers .

I am still here ( Just ) , I am really sorry that I haven’t been commenting but as you know I am really busy at the moment .
I have almost done another room today ,except I have hit a snag , wouldn’t you know ?
I was scraping wallpaper off from 5am to 5pm yeasterday and when I removed it from the chimney breast wall the wall started to crumble . So now I will have to get a plasterer in to skim it before I can put wallpaper back on .
But the good think is I have put my furniture back in place so instead of residing in my bedroom I will at least have a comfy sofa to sit on at night .and a decent television to watch instead of craning my neck to watch the one in the bedroom .
So the good news is by weekend I hope to have everything back where it belongs when I have finished the dining room an…

This has cheered me . !!

I opened my local paper to find this .

This Picture taken by Irene Burdell of Burnley Rd Accrington .
Not only is this a GREAT picture but it shows the fantastic transformation that has taken place at the" Lodge" Ormerod St Accrington where new modern apartments have been built .

Please Read !!!!

Good morning everyone , I am really sorry but there will be no comments today from me . I am feeling a bit under the weather and I have so much to do . I had a some chest pains yesterday and I think I have been overdoing things. trouble is I can’t sit and look at the work that needs doing. I have to get on with it .
I am going to try and ease off a bit today .
I will bre back to normal soon . Love to you all ,
take care Irene x

Just a quickie for you, THE MISTRESS

A husband and wife were having dinner at a very fine
restaurant when this absolutely stunning young woman
comes over to their table, gives the husband a big
kiss, says she’ll see him later and walks away.…

His wife glares at him and says, ‘Who the hell was

‘Oh,’ replies the husband, ’she’s my mistress.’

‘Well, that’s the last straw,’ says the wife. ’I’ve
had enough, I want a divorce.’

‘I can understand that,’ replies her husband, ‘but
remember, if we get a divorce it means that you don’t
get any more shopping trips to Paris , no more
wintering in Barbados , no more summers in Tuscany , no
more Ferraris and Lexus’s in the garage and no more
yacht club. But the decision is yours.’

Just then, a mutual friend enters the restaurant with
a gorgeous babe on his arm.

’Who’s that woman with Jim?’ asks

Please read !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry everyone if I haven’t commented on your work as I have got way behind and there isn’t a hope in hell that I will ever catch up. I am looking at the work so I haven’t deserted you all completely , it is just that I have been so busy with the work in progress that by the time I do sit down in the evening I am done in and can hardly keep my eyes open .
With a bit of luck I shall have finished all the paper hanging by the middle of next weeks ,if all goes well.
Then thank goodness I can get back to some sort of normality . I have finished two of the bedrooms so I am leaving the third one until later ,,so I am starting downstairs tomorrow .
So take care everyone and I will be back with you all next week sometime .
Love to you all Irene x

Surprise .!!!!!

Well I have just had a lovely surprise , the Fractal Frenzy group have chozen my fractal Pinwheels for the group avatar for the week . I am over the moon and thrilled .

Please read

Hi everyone , I am sorry I haven’t done any commenting today , I have only just got my electric back on . So I have just managed to get back online .
The work is going well , the electrician has done the upstairs , much quicker than I thought he would , he is moving downstairs tomorrow .
I will try and do some commenting this evening ,but I doubt I will be able to catch up .
But I will look at everyones work .
So please except my apologies if I miss you .
Love to you all Irene x

One year on .

Good morning bubblers .
Well it is one year today since I joined RB and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed all my time on here . When I started as you all know I had just taken up photography so I was very nervous about displaying any pictures I had taken . I can remember the first comments I got and who they were from . and wish to thank them for the encouragement which made me go on to where I am today . Thank you Torfinn and Ruben Flanagan , I haven’t heard from Ruben for quite a while I think he is busy with his work.
I know myself my work has come a long way since then and it is all down to all the friends I have made here and I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart .
I don’t know what I would do with myself now if I didn’t have photography in my life , I just lo…

Having a Break !!

I thought I would have a bit of a break . So while having the break I have created a ( bubblesite )
If you would care to take a look there is a link on my profile page .
Hope you like it .
Love Irene x
Or here

My bubblesite

Not Long Now !!

Well folks I am almost finished packing my things into boxes ready for the electricain on Monday . It looks like I am about to leave home ( I wish ) packing cases everywhere . Two weeks or so I hope to be back to normal , I just hope it is not wishful thinking.
I have been popping by and looking at everyones work and commenting when I can . If I have miss anyone I do apologise it isn’t that I am ignoring you ,I just haven’t had the time to comment on all the work.
Right I must make a start just another bedroom to pack away all my bits and bobs and I will be ready.
I will catch up with you when ever I get an opportunity .
Love to you all Irene x
PS I must thank everyone who has commented on my work , if I haven’t already .

Good Afternoon .

Well I have been stripping all morning since 6-30 ( wallpaper) not my clothes I might add . It must be the best morning weather wise we have had this summer and now that I have finished stripping the two rooms it has clouded over . Just my luck. !!
Anyway I am going to go and sit in the garden if I can find a space to put a chair amongst all the rubble from the ceileing and try and relax with a book for a couple of hours , even if it rains :=))
Thank you everyone for the advice , I must say I feel a lot better than I did early this morning now that I have got that out of the way .
I will try and do some catching up later with the commentating .
Bye for now .
Love Irene xx

Good Morning .

It is 6-30am and I am up to my ears in muck and dust .
I have spent half an hour having a quick look through every ones work , but I am so sorry I just haven’t got the time at the moment to comment. I have walls to strip and painting to do ,the man who is doing the ceiling is comeing to finish off on Monday , I am without a ceiling at the moment the house looks like a tornado has been through it and I am getting more and more stressed by the day . then at the beginning of August it will start all over again with floor boards up and more mess , I don’t know if I can survive all this . I am going to need that break in France again in September as I will be shattered in body and mind .
Don’t forget about me will you while I am not on here .?
Love to you all.
Irene x

Website .

I have created a website today , , so if anyone would like to look at it go to my profile page and click the link .
I still have a lot of work to do on it .
I am going to missing probably for a week or two of and on , as I have workmen coming tomorrow to put a new ceiling in the kitchen , slight accident in the bathroom above and then starting on the 4th August a rewiring job which I am dreading , I can’t bear disruption and mess ,I will proably be insane by the time they have finished . I will look at all the posted work when I get chance and do my best with the commentating , but please forgive me if I miss any ones work .
Love Irene.x

My Interview with Jason Connolly.


1) How long have you been into photography Jason.?

1: I have only seriously been into photgraphy for about 2 years. When I was a kid I used to enjoy looking through the family albums and looking at all the old shots but nothing then realy triggered the love I have for capturing pictures that I have now, the only cameras I had growing up were cheap film cameras that you got with a case, free film and 2 free batteries for the flash, I can’t say I got any joy out of getting back a load of rubbish shots from the developers, half of which would go in the bin, then I remember my dad had an early digital camera..An Agfa clik, I was amazed at the instant results, which, even though poor by modern digital standards were still better than mine, a few friend of mine also had compact digitals,

MY Interview with Richard Veal


1)How long have you been taking pictures and where would you like to go from here ?

Lucky I have a good memory. Since I was about 13 I started, just as a fun hobby really, but more seriously, the past 3 years. I would like to progress and do a complete study of life in the South West of England before it all disappears under a ‘Sea of Tarmac’ or from EC Regulations.

2) What type of pictures do you prefer to take and why ?

Seascape and Nature are my favourites. This stems from when I was young and growing up. I lived on the edge of a large forest and farmland, and every Summer I used to spend with my Nan, who lived by the sea. I am lucky now, to live a short walk from the sea and a short work to the countryside, and there are so many beautiful locations near me which can keep me ha

One Year Ago. [Please read ] 22/7/ 07

It is one year ago today since I had a Quadruple heart bypasss . I can remember sitting in bed very nervous waiting for my pre med and hoping I was going to come through the surgery .
One year on I feel twenty years younger [Just a pity I don’t look it ] and feel really fit and well.
I have to say when I was getting better I decided I needed a new hobby and that is when I started to take photography more serious and then in August last year I joined redbubble and I am sure being on here and having something else to think about helped me in my recovery . I think personally my work has improved drastically since I first started as I had only really taken snapshots before .
I would like to thank each and every one of you for all the wonderful comments you have left on my work and the enc…

Good Afternoon Bubblers .

Where is everyone , are they all on holiday . I have never had so few comments on my work. as I have had this week.or,
Maybe my pictures are so bad that nobody wants to comment on them .
Please tell me it t has been very quiet on here ,because I am seriously thinking about not bothering to upload anymore .
Love Irene x

Featured twice.

I have just noticed that I have been featured twice , it must have been while I was away .
Ist one in the " Happy Haven group " with "Don’t just stand there "
2nd one in the "our K9 friends " group with " Jasper "
I am thrilled to pieces .

Please read this !!!

I have been trying all afternoon on and off to thank people for all the comments they have left on my work and it is taking forever for them to send , so please take this as my thank you as I have got fed up of waiting . Redbubble needs to get all these problems they are having sorted out . It was going on before I went away nearly three weeks ago and it still isn’t sorted out , it drives you crazy all this waiting for pictures to upload and all the other problems . So I do apologise and sincerly thank you all for viewing and your lovely comments .
Enjoy your weekend everyone .
Love Irene x.

Hi my friends.

I have not had a good start on my first day back. My telephone was playing up last night and when I came back from shopping this afternoon I couldn’t get onto the internet . So I tried the phone again and I was just getting the busy signal , so I whipped all the phones out of the sockets and went back into town to complain about them and they exchanged them for new ones which are now installed and being charged up. I have been sat here playing about with my pictures and suddenly the internet came back on so the phones weren’t faulty at all just the line . But I am now the proud owner of four new phones .
When I am going to catch up with the replies I don’t know , so if you don’t get a thank you for commenting pleease forgive me as I do appreciate every comment and I will do my best to ca…

Hi Everyone ,

I have just got back from France , I have had a fabulous time and a really relaxing holiday , I haven’t done very much apart from take over a thousand pictures ,so I have a lot to sort through .
I shall try and see what has been going on tomorrow . I have missed you all and have a lot of catching up to do .
Love Irene .
I would like to say it is nice to be back but i can’t . :=))

Ready for the OFF.

Time to say Auvoir !…

Well my friends I am all packed and ready for the off ,I shall be leaving at tenish Monday morning for my two weeks break in South West France .
I have been watching the weather temperatures and I think it is slightly warmer than here in the North West of Britain , when I checked last it forecast it to be 31c when we arrive on Monday, and sunny so hopefully it will stay that way for at least a few days .
I will think about you all while I am wallowing in the pool like a baby whale and sitting on the lounger listening to the Carpenters . with a cool drink beside me , with nothing else to do but read a book or do the crosswords.
I don’t intend to spend the whole two weeks doing absolutely nothing ,I will be out and about taking pictures. I have also packed the sketch book

Inspired .

I would just like to thank everyone of you who have made such lovely comments on my artworks . I had no confidence about these sketches or the watercolours and you have given me the confidence to start to paint again , So when I come back from my holidays I am determined I am going to dig the paints out again . Since being on RB all my spare time has been taken up on here and I just haven’t had the time to do both . So I will spend less time on here and try to do some more paintings.
Many thanks again and lots of love to you all.
Irene x

DVD/CD update !!

Well folks my “Carpenters Ultimate Collection” arrived this morning and guess what they are CD’s three of them .
I am so pleased they have arrived in time for me going on holiday next week for two weeks.
I bet you are glad you won’t be coming on holiday with me or sitting next to me when I have got the earp phones in singing away at the top of my voice while lapping up the sun in South west France .
I will be in my own little world .
Oh and I don’t think I will play them in the car as they may never see the light of day again if the same happens that happened the other day. They are playing now while I am typing this , fabulous.

I think I had better explain !!!

This was my morning , don’t anybody dare laugh .!!!!!…

Good afternoon

What a morning I have had , full of good intentions and none carried out . this is going to be long winded ,so if you can’t be bother to read it , it’s ok I don’t mind ,really.
The other day when I was in the car and I heard a Carpenters record and I use to be a big fan of theirs , so I thought I will look on Amazon to see if I could get their greatest hits , well I found one, Carpenters gold so I sent for it , and it came this morning. So I thought right I will rip it onto the laptop, well I tried and nothing happened so I tried it in the stereo system nothing , so I am now thinking the B————s have ripped me off , so I go out to the car and try it in there , it only bloody got stuck , could I get it out ? could I hell,

Please forgive me .

I am sorry everyone but I will be unable to comment on your work today ,. I have had the most awful morning , everything that could go wrong ,has . I started this morning full of good intentions and they have all gone down the pan .
I will try and look at all the work , but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you all.
I really need the time to get myself together as I was so stressed out with what has been happening.
I will catch up with you all again tomorrow .
Love to you all Irene x

Trouble with the Bubble .

Is anyone else having trouble on here today ?, I keep getting time out and having difficulties with everything on here . It can’t be just me , it is the same on my laptop and on the PC.

It's Made It !!!

It’s been quite a long slog but this picture of the girls has made 1000 views
259comments and 31 favourites . I am so pleased these are the highest figures of any of my pictures . I never thought when I posted it that it would ever have so many views . I am truly amazed and thrilled.
Thanks to everyone who has viewed and commented and also favourited it as well .

For David Parkin.

I said that it was my weekend , two sales and being featured . I also said that I would do the lottery and "if " I won I would take all my rebubble friends out for dinner . Well I did win , but I hope you don’t hold me to my promise as it was only £10 .

So David I hope you don’t hold me to my promise , as I will have to take out a bank loan to pay for it .LOL
Unless of course I sell the stilletto’s . I can’t walk in them anymore anyway.


Disgusted !!!

I have just turned on my laptop and seen what Redbubble must consider as art , and I am totally disgusted that they would promote guns in this way . We have far too much violence in the world . How can this be even considered to be art .
I am appalled that they would put these pictures on the home page . Maybe it is just me , but I would like to hear what other bubblers think about it .

Please take Another look !!!!

Julie Langford has collaborated with me on my picture " Tigers Eye " and removed the fence which was spoiling the picture . I know a lot have already commented so you do not have to comment again unless you feel the need to do so . I just wanted you to see the new improved version . Thanks everyone .

Good Morning !!

Is anyone else having a problem like this , when i click on some of the thumbnails I get the page coming up " Sorry the page you are looking for could not be found "

Only it has happened several times this morning .

Big Clean Up.

I have decided to have a big sort out of my shots and try and whittle the pages down . I am just going to keep the work which I think is the best .
I wish to thank everyone who has left comments and I appreciate them and please don’t think I don’t by me deleting the pictures .
Many thanks Irene .

The big clean up will start tomorrow .

Everyone should read this !!!!!

Posted by Helen Bascom this morning and everyone should back her and make a complaint to RB . She has removed most of her work. through this .…

Now, what brought me to take such a drastic step? A couple of days ago, I filed an objection to the image of a Golliwog. The image is linked to a cartoon strip starring the tee shirt graphic which in one strip is asked if it is true about the size of a Black man’s penis. In another strip starring this character, he is told he stinks.

Well, I was set to leave well enough alone, and just say Fuck it the world is full of ignorant bastards, but my husband (who is Black in case anyone missed that point) walks over to see what I’m up to on the computer. He saw that I was reading a scholarly article about racism in the United States and the origin of the

Good morning Bubblers.

I am making an apology now in case I don’t get around to commenting on everyones work over the next few days . I have my grandaughters staying with me again and weather permitting I am hoping to be out and about with them .

We are off bowling this morning so I won’t have a lot of time .to do any today, I will do my best and will certainly be looking if not commenting on your lovely work.
Love to you all
Irene x

Nearly There .

Regular visiters to my pictures will probably have notice that the picture I took of my grandaughters keeps moving back to my profile page . The reason being that I am still having comments left on this picture and the total views today reached 800 and 195 comments , 28 favourites and I am delighted , but I intend to keep bringing it forward as I would love to see it reach a thousand views as for me that would be the ultimate achievement for a single picture .
I dare say others have had as many or more on some of their shots , but considering this started out as a snapshot I am really chuffed that I have managed to get so many views and it is all down to all the wonderful people on here who I now class as my friends as I feel like I have known most of you for years .
Love to you all an…


If you get any BM’s from someone calling himself " artzipper " be very careful , he starts off being very friendly and then starts to get personal and familiar and if you don’t play ball starts to get nasty .

I have been featured !

In the North west group , this is the second time , the first time I was on the Home page with a photo of my grandma which I didn’t take .
A nice surprise for a Sunday morning .
The picture is " Wreck and Ruin "

The funniest thing .

I have just heard on the news that John Prescott has said in his autobiography that he suffered from Bullemia for ten Years .
Now there are probably only the Brits on here who will appreciate how funny this is .
Even the presenter was having difficulty keeping his face straight . Best laugh I have had all weekend.

Red Arrows . All Brits should sign this !!!!!!!

Seems we are no longer allowed to be British!!!!!!…

Please forward this to as many people as possible!!! And don’t forget to click the link below and complete the petition……………..

The world-famous Red Arrows have been banned from appearing at the 2012 London Olympics because they are deemed ‘too British’. Organizers of the event say that the Arrows military background might be ‘offensive’ to other countries taking part in the Games. The display team have performed at more than 4000 events worldwide, but the Department of Culture, Media and Sport have deemed the display team ‘too militaristically British’. Red Arrows pilots were said to be ‘outraged’, as they had hoped to put on a truly world class display for the Games, something which had never been seen before. Being axed from a British-b

Whoopie !!

Good morning ,well it is for me ,I have sold two cards this morning . One of Downham Village and one of Bronte Country 1.
I am thrilled and thank you so much whoever bought them, I am delighted., I hope you will be .

Also I had a phone call yesterday ,the local paper here in Accrington is publishing one of my pictures in the paper on Friday as photo of the week. The picture is Accrington Viaduct.
I shall definitely have to do the lotto this week , what is the saying everything comes in threes? :=))

Thank You. !!

I would just like to thank everyone for their kind messages and explain what happened instead of leaving you wondering if I am alright . For about four or five days I have had a bit of a problem with a very sore leg and my sister and a friend urged me to go to the doctor because of my past health history so I went yesterday morning . Fortunately for me she was a fresh doctor who looked as if she had just come out of Med school so she was keen, [my own doctor is useless ] she gave me a thorough check over and then said she thought it could be Deep Vein Thrombosis , which sent me into panic mode . She immediately arranged an appointment for me to have some tests at the hospital , blood tests scans and the like . I had to sit around all afternoon to wait for the results ,which eventually cam…

My son's work.

Darren Burdell

This is my son’s personal work which he does for fun , he is a professional photograher he works in advertising photography .
He is the person I got my inspiration from when I started in photography last year , he is always there for me if I need to know anything and has been a great help when I need it .
I think his work is fantastic , but I am slightly biased .
See what you think.
He also has a website showing his professional business work.


Is anyone else having problems with redbubble today ,? I can’t view anyones work properly the pictures are appearing at a snails pace and it is just taking forever to function .I am not having any problems on any other websites.

Achievements.!!!!!! January 2008

Hi to all my friends on redbubble , it is a little over six months now since I joined RB and I think personally I have achieved quite a lot in this time , When I joined at the end of August I use to take snapshots , holiday snaps ,snaps of my grandchildren that sort of thing. When I started to look at the work that was being produced on this wonderful site, I thought to myself I would love to be able to do work like that and decided that was going to be my aim. I think I have come quite a long way since then, producing half decent pictures ,almost mastered photoshop ,but still a lot to learn on there , I can now produce fractals and my latest thing HDR which still needs a bit of tweaking but I am getting there . The only thing I have problems with is the technical side of the camera sett…

Best Friends .

My picture of my grandaughters which was just taken as what I call a snap shot , which I put a frame around and gave a sepia tone ,has just reach the most views of any of my pictures . This may not be a lot compared to a lot of other peoples work but I am delighted .

Views 504
Comments 107,
Favourites 18.

Thank you.

I would like to thank everyone on redbubble who have supported me with their lovely comments while I have been on here . Without that support I doubt I would have stuck at my new hobby . I absolutely really enjoy what I am doing and wish I had the opportunity to do it years ago. I have met a lot of lovely people on here who have become like real friends . It is a wonderful community and if you don’t take yourself too seriously you can really enjoy it and have a bit of fun into the bargain.

As a lot of you may have noticed I was very excited when I got the bubble mail this afternoon , and never in my wildest dreams did I think any of my work would be in an exhibition. It is such an honour . I want to take this opportunity to thank my son Darren because he has been wonderful helping me a…

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