Hi Everyone !! Please Read .!!

Good morning , first off I must apologise to everyone for not doing any commenting over the last three days but I have been up to my eyes in it .
There is good news and bads news .
The good news is I have recovered a few thousand of my pictures , The bad news is all the latest and some not so new have vanished I think forever . All my flower pictures are missing and lots of other stuff.
But I am not going to have anymore sleepless nights over them , I am just going to sort some out from here ( RB ) .
I want to thanks everyone who has given me advice , especially Richard Veal , my dear helpful friend David Parkin who found me this website which if ever you are in this predicament is well worth making a note of , it is called Recover my photo’s this is the Link
George Swann who has been helpful with his advice , Frogster and Steve .
I am still not going to be able to comment maybe for a couple of more days because I have to sort all the pictures out which have been recovered .
Many thanks to everyone else would expressed their sorrow , I am really grateful .
It has been like a bereavement , but I am sort of over it now .
I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but if it has never happened to you , you have no idea how it feels , that is the problem you never get the same opportunity twice with photography .
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend .
Love to you all Irene x

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