****Julie Di Gregorio****

Corrimal, Australia

I am a visual artist that started my working life as a hairdresser / I realized one day as I was painting my blowdryer in between clients...

I hate fighting with my boyfriend ie Let your inner banshee rip .........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Human nature being what it is inevitably we are going to go logger heads with someone sometime
Keep your dignity I hear you say ……..lol
Sometimes you just have to get down and dirty let it all hang out
embrace your inner Banshee
Have you ever really resoved anything without passion commitment or tears
I know I haven’t It depends on a lot of things what the issue is whether either party is willing to admit cause
I do also feel that 2 wrongs never made a right and the old chestnut agree to disagree
Clear all the cobwebs
Any comments ?

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