Why Is It?

What it is is obvious – a washer welded to a thin nail.

But why is it? Now that is a peculiarly Australian story. Here (at least in the state I live in) petrol stations have the irritating practice of removing the pin from the petrol bowser handle so you cannot click it on – allowing you to wander off to wash windscreens etc. So this is my little bit of creativity for the day. My own personal pin allowing me to automatically fill the car without having to hold the handle down. It fits into the place where the pins have been removed and can be carried with me on my key ring.

This particular version is for Peter. And no I am not making them to order as my welder is not really designed for this fine work and tends to blow holes through the metal.

I know it is not up there we with the great bits of creativity on RedBubble but it is at least useful. And it was a little bit creative to make it.

And where was it made. Following is a picture of my workshop in all its chaos.

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