Art and Spirituality

I see creativity and spirituality as very closely related. Not that all spiritual people are creative or indeed that all creative people are spiritual (I can see many a drunken artist vomiting in horror at the thought). More I see the relationship as one of purpose. Both activities aspire to bring meaning into our lives. And, of course, through the ages art and religion have been deeply connected.

Art and spirituality, it seems to me, occupy the void created by human beings’ consciousness of their own mortality. They stand between us and the terrible darkness of non-existence. Our art, in its absolute non-utility, imitates the gods we increasingly fail to believe in.

Enabling and encouraging more people to be creative is to shatter the priestly control of the arts. Everyone has a place at both the spiritual and artistic alter. The pompous and arrogant would deny access. Others would deny themselves–in fear or ignorance. This is impoverishing. The spiritual or aesthetic expression of all souls enriches us all.

In the great sharing, our fear of the void becomes transformed into a wonderful beauty infused with unknowable meaning.

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