One of the big complaints with the new architecture was people getting lost (I shared this view). We have now added what are called breadcrumbs in the top left which tell you were you are on the site and allows you to one click back to where you were (or the context of where you are). Very useful for example when you are editing work but in general just useful.

Why am I not posting this under the RedBubble account? Because I know what will happen if I do so. There will just be a whole lot of people telling me to fix the other things they are concerned about without actually having read what we are working on. So the other big outstanding things we are working on are:
> allowing as all to order work in our portfolios (the previous system was broken the next one wont be)
> small fix to find popular journals
> other bugs which we gradually move on as they appear.

And then there are lots of really interesting things that are on the longer term roadmap.

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