Ghandi and the Tractor

Mahatma Ghandi led his country to freedom in clothes he had made himself on a little handloom.

How easy it would have been for him to sit back and revel in his own success. To be satisfied with his own graciousness. To bask in the glow of his people’s love. Lesser men, in achievement and in personality, have indulged far more deeply their fondness for their achievements.

And what is the harm? Indeed why do anything at all, if we cannot bask in the lovely glow of people’s admiration. Why make our own clothes when many would queue up to make them for us?

It is not, ultimately about false humility or even self-denial. It is because a deep humility is the means by which one can aspire to understand God. By keeping proximity with the cotton of our clothes or, in our century, the garden out-the-back, the children screaming in the playroom, we put into context our achievements (great or small). We are reminded that we all walk upon this same earth – aspiring, loving, creating. And it is in unity with each other, and the Devine which overseas us all, that the truth will be found.

I drive a tractor because I can’t knit.

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