New Foal

Last night, at my home in the hills outside of Melbourne, a new foal was born. It is wonderful for us who are here to share in the experience of a new life coming into being.

I cannot help but feel, though, that it is indeed a strange and shocking experience for the new life. He (for it is a little colt) has gone from the absolute comfort and warmth of being one with his mother, and through her to the Devine itself, to separation. The Buddhists believe that our journey is one back to unity. At the moment of birth, when we are called to walk quickly upon our four feet and learn the struggle of survival, we forget the unity from which we come and to which we will return.

But in the the here and now, the colt wobbles and drinks, with a lovely star upon his black face. He brings us wonder. Partly it is the promise of what is to be. But more it is the reminder of what was. In those strange dark eyes of his is the fading glow of the light of the Devine of which he was wholly a part just a few hours before.

The saints, I am told, still see this glow in all of us. And if we happen upon a saint we are blest to see it in them. While waiting for the saints and while struggling to see the Devine in each other we have colts, babies and kitttens to remind us of where we have come from and where we are returning.

Welcome, Nigel Three Springs to this world.

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