Visit to Saatchi Gallery

Prior to visiting Oxford for TED Global I had a few days in London. I decided to visit the Saatchi Gallery. It was interesting.

There was an exhibition of American Abstract artists. Some of the work was wonderful (to me). A huge pile of clothes on legs by Guerra de la Paz was both intriguing and worrying.

But some of the work was incomprehensible to me. In the latter category was the work of Gedi Sibony.

A work of plastic wrap and tape (see below) on the wall is described as a “monumental assemblage of plastic wrapping and packing tape. Its overwhelming scale magnifies its fragile physicality, making its precarious presence simultaneously awesome and embarrassed.” Just to be clear it is not monumental in scale (it is about 6’ high). I genuinely don’t know if the curators are having us on.

Among the most moving pieces is Old Persons Home (2007) by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu (it was not part of the American Abstracts). It strongly evokes a genuine sadness and humanity.

And I guess my overall takeaway is that I appreciate art that I don’t have to do a background research project in art history to understand. If the work only exists in the context of other art works (as I think is the case with Sibony’s work) then it leaves me a bit cold in my real and visceral world.

What do other’s think about some of the more obscure art that is currently being produced?

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