Last week I got a chance to attend and (very briefly) present at TED Global in Oxford.

Here is a link to my talk.

Highlights of the event for me were:
- a surprisingly engaging and moving presentation by Gordon Brown
- a incomprehensible but very funny speach by Stephen Fry
- a brilliant performance by the Sudanese Rap singer, Emannuel Jal
- an extraordinary tale by of innovation by William Kamkawamba (he built a windmill out of scrap to drive a pump during the Malawi famine)
- innumerable extraordinary scientific, design and economic ideas.

As for RedBubble. We were very well received. People were a bit surprised that such extraordinary art was being created and shared on the Internet. It is a bit of leap for people to understand that the world of creativity is so much larger than the available wall space (or possibly even brain space) of the big commercial galleries.

I decided to focus on the work of 5 artists. I wanted to tell a story and felt that this was the best means of doing it. All the artists entered the challenge The Substance of Things Not Seen, the topic of the conference.

ToastedGhost had the winning entry in the challenge – and so got a special prize. His work is rich in courage and humor.

Ashanti Leshelle was my curators pick from the challenge (she also got a special prize). I love the story telling quality of her work.

Mel Brackstone reaches out with a haunting art.

Nathalie Chaput looks very closely at the world around her.

Rob A. Johnston finds the simplicity of the human form.

TED will probably post the talk at some stage over the next few months and I will be sure to let people know.

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