I am sure that I am a moral person – at least I think I am <br> I cannot help but wonder though <br> Would I steal if I was hungry, or if all but I seemed rich? <br> Would I have stood apart in Germany while Hitler rose to power? <br> Or been an icon of virtue if advancing with the Red Army? <br> Am I sure I would have protested when white Australians took this country? <br> Could I have been (like Jefferson) an owner of slaves? <br> Would terror come easily to me if my nation were occupied? <br> <br>

Can I be truly sure of my morality? <br> Is it mine at all or simply that of those around me (for which I thank them)<br> And a product of my own good fortune ?<br> And, perhaps this is a step too far, <br> Did Christ die not only for my actual sins <br> But for the ones I may have committed if born in a different time and place? <br> And looking at it from a different angle <br> Can I be truly sure I am as moral as I think I am? <br> What sins am I committing that my cultural glasses barely let me see? <br> I suspect I know them at least dimly – our duty to our earth and to truly love <br> each other (even Africans) <br> Sounds more like an indictment than an excuse. <br>

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