It is the searing cleft of our times. There is before September 11 and after. We all know where we were when we heard. We all remember the unbelievable sense of personal loss we felt. We all felt that we could easily have been in those towers or on those planes.

I was in San Francisco. We felt we had experienced a great tragedy of evaporated fortunes with the end of the dotcom boom 6 months earlier. We all felt that this was somehow momemtous. Our crowns had been stolen from us. I woke that morning (was it a Tuesday?) and heard the unfolding tragedy on the radio. I turned on the TV. I saw the towers come down and I gained a little perspective.

The screeching metal, that terrible dust and smoke cloud, the falling bodies – enveloped my senses. I shed tears but they seemed so futile and inadequate. I felt somehow that great city which I love was itself coming to and end. And who knows what else.

And the wonder is not that we have forgotten but that we refound hope, we started to build, we manage even to put that tragedy into some greater context.

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