A New Prayer

The last week, since my return from the US, has been intense. There is a complex legal negotiation, there are three children, there is simple overflow of RedBubble work and there is Three Springs deserving attention.

I am conscious that there are stories on RedBubble I would like to add to. There is art I want to see. There is a community here I want to enjoy. There is just so little time.

In the jet-lag hazy of the morning, I find just enough time to meditate. And here, in this most pressing of times, I find a new mantra “my Lord teach me to meditate”. This is a prayer of humility where I understand that the ultimate prayer is the divine in me meeting the ultimate Divinity.

The old monk says to the young man: “The difference between you and I is that I know that I am godlike, you have yet to learn this”. This is a statement not of pride because it is ultimately beyond ego. It is a statement of humility.

And so, while so much is pressing on me – or appears to be – and I strive to find that quiet moment, I ask God’s help to aspire after Him. There can be no ego in this, for the circle completes itself beyond me.

This calms my soul and leads me step-by-step on. And then the children wake up and all hell breaks loose.

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