Einstein and Night Flying

I am back after a week in LA and the Bay area (San Francisco and surrounds). I had many adventures and met lots of interesting people – many of whom may be able to help RedBubble. Left Xavier at the Web 2.0 conference talking about stuff …

And on the flight home read an interesting article about Einstein and his attitude to God. In essence (and I hope I don’t insult with my summary), Einstein came to believe that the very order and rationality of the universe pointed to something transcendent. This is a view I deeply share. Einstein also felt that when we lose our sense of wonder and awe at the creation we are no longer truly seeing it. Again I share this.

As that strange, dark plane flew across the Pacific and as I read about one of the greatest thinkers of all time, it also dawned upon me that the fact the universe is rational, and we can also be, is a situation of great emotional moment. And indeed its significance can only be grasped in quiet contemplation when reason and thought have faded into the background. Some may say I take a step too far in suggesting this, but I also know the same people look at the same night sky mesmerized by its immensity and cowed by the purpose of its creation.

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