Redbubble & Copyright

How RB handles copyright and related IP issues are important. Most of you are aware of the situation but just so we are clear.…

Redbubble is a community built on respect, recognition and appreciation of original artists. We take matters of intellectual property extremely seriously and any statement that implies we do not is blatantly false. We value originality and creativity, and we strongly oppose infringement of copyright, trademark, publicity rights, or any other intellectual property rights.

To be clear Redbubble does not itself manufacture, sell or distribute the products on this site. Rather, Redbubble is the host of an online marketplace. Regardless, it is absolutely Redbuble’s policy and practice to respect intellectual property rights of others and to provide reasonable assista

RB Clothing

I am deeply disturbed by the recent tragic events at a garment factory in Bangladesh. This is no accident or natural disaster. It is made not just by the owners of the factory and the authorities in Bangladesh; it is a product of a relentless demand for cheaper clothing in the West – at any price. And here the price has been paid in the lives of the poor.…

6 years ago we committed to a strategy of not being the cheapest. We did so in part to recognise the quality of the art RB artists create. As importantly it was out of a basic commitment to providing everybody in the chain from garment workers to the artists and the printers with a reasonable return. This is simply not possible with a $9.99 T shirt. At that price you cannot help but dishonour the art and exploit many people in the chain

SF1 Party

So last night was the SF1 Party in – of course – San Francisco. We had a few hundred people from all over the Redbubble universe shedding their cyber identities and taking on their corporeal forms to make material contact. There was music, there was art, there was drink and there was food. But most importantly there was just us celebrating a shared journey. Those who were there all had their stories to tell, their flags to wave and (it would be RB without it) their odd gripes to alert me to.…

The sense of community, passion and creativity was palpable along with the genuine fondness we have for each other and the art and design we share and celebrate. So thank you for all those who made it and I look forward to more such events, in more cities as we continue the RB odyssey.

On a personal l


We just completed a "retro’ where we look at a project and try to learn some lessons. This is the timeline from the RB Rebrand Retro stretching back 18 months to when the project began. As you can see the main lesson we learnt was we need more “sticky notes” in the office. And that the process is also art.

Chicago I - Artist Meet-up

Am just back from a fabulous week in the gorgeous and impressive city of Chicago. While there we had an inaugural (Chicago I) meet-up with some RB artists from the the city. As always it was tremendous to get together in person with RB artists and to hear concerns, give them stuff and get suggestions. We are looking forward to hosting more such events in future. Here is a photograph of the dinner taken by “Razorberries”.…

The attendees were


Plus Peter, Lauriie and myself from RB.

While we are talking about Chicago, if you are fortunate enough to be there on a summer’s day (or probably any day) visit the remarkable Millennium Park which among its many attractions contains, in my view, two of the most impressive pieces of pub


Over the last few weeks I have genuinely enjoyed re-engaging with Wikipedia. The focus has been my biography (Biography of a Living Person or BLP in Wiki-speak) but the learning has been much wider than that.…

I have come to see Wikipedia as almost symbolic of the trajectory we are on. In the strange space of this huge online resource – truth and fairness slowly win out. The interactions reflect cooperation on a vast scale, with the voices dedicated to the compelling goals of Wikipedia slowly gaining ascendacy. There are numerous self-serving, disruptive and igoroant forces at play but they gradually are overwhelmed by a strong cooperative and generous spirit – framed by a belief in the principles and policies of Wikipedia.

I confess I used to be quite sceptical about Wikipedia and perhaps

Carolyn Leete : With Sadness

I am deeply saddened and touched by the death of Carolyn Leete, a member of the RedBubble community. The tragic circumstances of her death are reported here and you may find her profile and art here.

Her art had a gentle beauty and optimism about it. It stands in stark contrast to the violence and futility of her murder. I cannot imagine how her family and friends are feeling. All I would say to them is that hers was a life that touched many through the art she shared.

I have authorised a donation from REDBUBBLE to Stop Violence Against Women part of the general campaign here. This is a global cause which resonates with us at RB.

In LA last week I met the Oscar winning director of Saving Face. The violence against Carolyn is part of a wider issue which must be recognised and dealt with in

Farewell Steve Jobs

Like many I feel a sense of loss at the passing of Steve Jobs.…

I feel some connection with him based on a commitment to a spiritual life and a joy in design. Not sure we would have got on that well if we had ever met – I think he would consider me a bit animated (or arty!) but who can tell.

Anyway two quotes of his which echo for me and which also lie at the heart of RedBubble.

“Almost everything—all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure—these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

In most people’s vocabularies, design means venee

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