a "MUST READ" - Chanukah

The Chanukah story is almost unknown among most Christians. And yet, Chanukah is historically the best documented of all the Biblical Feasts. It is described in the Apocryphal books of 1 and 2 Maccabees, but is also referred to in a number of places in both the Tanach (OT) and the Apostolic Writings (NT).…

Both Daniel and Zechariah describe prophetically the Chanukah story and we also have important and clear end time, prophetic references to Chanukah in Matthew 24, Mark 13, 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation 13. One of the main figures in the story, Antiochus Epiphanes, is the clearest picture we have in the Bible of the coming antimessiah (antichrist).

Chanukah is the story of victory over apostasy and lawlessness. It is therefore very important for us today. Yeshua honored this Feast as w



John 10:22-23 And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication (Chanukah), and it was winter. And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.

Chanukah, a time of celebration and rededication, is quickly approaching here in the Land and for Jewish people all over the globe. Those of us who are grafted in through the atoning work of Messiah, we who know God, have an opportunity to see the deeper significance in the Jewish holidays and are not only welcome but encouraged to celebrate as well!

Over 150 years before Jesus’ birth, a group of Jewish warriors led by Judah Maccabee, defeated Anticochus IV. Though terribly outnumbered by their foes, the Maccabees triumphed over the Grecian Syrian Empire. This led to the establishment of Chanukah — the feast of dedication.

Judah en


I just put “landscape” in the Red bubble search box and it came up with exactly 100,000 works with that tag. so I am tagging this to see if it comes up as 100,001!!!!………………………………………………..just checked and the count is still 100,000 so perhaps that is as high as the search engine can count. Any other ideas?

PS vector problems

I have a problem in that when I create any vector shape or text there are two white lines or shadows behind it which are still there on the final print out. I have tired rasterising and selecting the area that is supposed to be empty and clearing this area, but the streaks remain.
Should I reload Photoshop? If so will I lose my own customised brushes and shapes?

A Fan

So encouraged, Marjorie Wallace, whose work I admire, has made her own selections from my Gallery to be custom made into a calendar here
Apologies to anyone who viewed this before as it was under construction and I shouldn’t have had it on public view.


hey there is a new fancy uploader and it wont work for me. help someone please
It works for journal entries but not for photographs. it tells me it is 95% uploaded instantly without me hitting any buttons, and it doesnt in fact up load anything at all

scratch disk

I can’t get my little head around this one.
I have as much memory as PC can take. I see the figure at the bottom LH corner in PS often saying as little as 6%… I know this means i am doing something wrong, and I know it is something to do with SCRATCH DISK, but i don’t know what or how to fix it (in layman’s terms, please}
(I do make sure there aren’t other programmes open, but are they still running somewhere and chewing up the memory?)

More confidence needed

a couple of friends ordered my Words of Life calendars and they arrived yesterday. Then the first visitor through the door asked if I had any to spare and bought another one. How encouraging is that!!! Maybe I should have acted with more confidence and bought more in the first place.


just not sure….I have old books – over 100 years old. Am I free to use the engravings in those books or is that illegal like every other thing thee days!!!

I always knew I was good looking...but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always knew I was good looking..but……not so that I would sell two self portraits direct from the “Happy” competition.
Wheeeee!!!! better stop photographing flowers and start phtographing me!!!!
(Only joking)

click to see full size.
And then maybe everyone likes blue…and also of course that shot is from a passport photo over 30 years old. I have weathered a bit since then

An Invitation

Never too early!!!! may I invite you to checkout my calendars for 2010.
I am happy to change images around or substitute with other images from my gallery.
In my calendar called “beautiful” I have resized all images to a square format and this looks really great. Please have a look.
If you want to choose 12 images from my gallery, go ahead and let me know. also let me know if you would like a square crop or any additional text on each page. We made one for a family where each month had words from a song which had significant meaning for that particular family.
Would anyone like scripture verses added? that would be another option. I would really love your commission.
Frankie .

A Better digital Black and White?

I have been told a far better b&w is achieved by shooting colour and converting via channels. Now I could easily use my camera with 2 shots of identical scene to see if this is indeed the case. I just haven’t got around to it. would someone else have time to do the experiments and see the truth revealed?


I don’t know what gives you delight, but today the simplest thing made my hear sing.
In the garden,as I pulled a few weeds, there was the whisper of wings and some small bird flew over my shoulder. Instead fo flying up and up this one dived through the little archway I had created, to divide two areas of garden… a low arch of thumbergia (black eyed susan) and soft blue plumbago. .. the little bird flew under and through and laugh at me you may, …but it made my hear t sing


I notice no art has been uploaded for the last 20 minutes. Does RB have a problem. I have been trying to upload an not able this morning or last night.

Eulogy from a stranger

at first
I couldn’t remember who you were]
but you immediately asked me if I still “had” my mother
And then I remembered you were a shop assistant who had helped Mum choose a fan heater
I couldn’t stop you, as you went on about the qualities you had seen in my Mum
How you had seen this ‘ltttle old lady’ As so strong and capable despite.. her blindness… a real Lady….. dignified
You talked about how women like that arent around any mroe
and; the qualities you had admired
when serving my Mum as a customer.
maybe for you it was just a conversation
but for me
It was a wonderful eulogy for my mother
from a stranger

three cheers

3 cheers to the ABC for opening a can of worms on Nursing Home Care in Australia
of course the carers are caring but the staffing is so inadequate that they are not able to provide what is needed. This is no reflection on individuals but on the government funding that is given. I have friends eager to enter a career in aged care but when they start their ideals a thrown to the wind. I am sure that the number of uncaring staff in these homes is negligible, but the time restraints make proper care impossible.
I have been on th e receiving end of this with my dear Mother so I am just getting this off my chest

Harley Davidson Amazon Thunder Hearts

.I went to watch 40 ladies roll into town on their Harleys yesterday. The weather turned out perfect after all that rain. What a wonderful buch of women they were. 3 had come from
South Africa and 8 form USA and 1 from UK just for this ride. They looked great in formation…

This is a group organisng adventure activities for women with or recovering from breast cancer. read all about it A friend of mine was on the ride . This was the. biggest to date. They raised $9000 along the way so far!!!
here are some of my pics# they look good in a slide show.
You should have seen the face on the guy at the little petrol station when all these bikes arrived and suddenly her realised they were all gals.

(from the amazon Heart home page you c

home Page

I think of the Home Page as the shop window. it is the place where people first discover the world of REd bubble. First impressions count.
Lately the home page has been showing a variety of wares on the home page, but today it is all a similar style of vector art.
We don’t want folk to think that is the only genre covered here, I reckon the page should always show a good cross section of what is available. What do you think?

this one is a winner

Well this one is a winner I have sold lots and today another one!!!!! I am proud of this design and I dont think I can say that about any of my other tees.
How many is “lots” am I a bit over the top? Well maybe but let me be……………….


I was just so amused in the similarity of these two shots from diverse parts of the globe . I grabbed the flamingo this morning and the maccaw tonight. Are all these photographers upsetting the birds??


this is a second try at finding someone to identify this rose which carries so many shades of pink and lavvender and violet on the one stem.


I am feeling really weary and I understand I am not the only one…is it the change of season? Dunno but this afternoon all I could do was sit, but I made this little hat for youngest grand daughter. She is going for a holiday in Tassi in a few weeks and it can get mighty nippy there in contrast to the Gold Coast.

Is this a Record?

Hey how about efficient? I made an order for cards and a laminated print less than 24 hours ago and I just got notification that they had been shipped!!!!!!!
Now i am worried about the order being left in my mail box as i will be away and I noted that it said 10-15 days for delivery and I was allowing for that.
They are not answering their phone when I call I get the answering machine


they say if you have frogs then you know things are looking good. well I remember in the 70’s when the frogs drove us crazy at night with their calls..and then they disappeared…now I have let part of my garden become a rain forest and let me tell you..those frogs are back…….bip bip bip..bop bop bop boing boing boing….. it is encouraging. Man I have done my part… I have frogs


this is definitely my most popular tee shirt design. I confess to even liking it myself!!!!!. And wow ……thanks to whoever just bought another one..this time in green which I dont think suits it but hey?!! At least it encoureage me to reorganise my tees if you want to go and have a look, I might even create another design now

bush fire appeal

Did you know there is a group on Red Bubble where you can purchase and all the profits go to the bush fire appeal? This is just to let you know I am putting this tee shirt up for sale there. If you dont like my tee shirt or cant afford that much there are cards and prints on sale too.
The group is Phoenix Appeal

harmful content?????

Well well I am in an internet cafe and the computer wont let me access my bubblesite….it says “harmful content” oh boy!!!! yet I can enter redbubble with its plethora of artistic expression!!!


Just had to boast about my gorgeous grand daughters. They are on my profile now…view and comment free for a limited time only!!!!

Time to Kill in Sydney

Anyone want to meet up in Sydney on Feb 9th???
I have a day to klll before submitting myself to tests to see if I am passing on any horrific things’ to the next generation! (not catching!!!!)

other side

not very active of late
hey what has happened on my page!!!!!! I have a new profile statement…where did it come from… daughter (bextrex …. look her up and welcome her) knows my password and she has updated me. Actually she is right on the ball, not posting much lately as the brushes (hairy not photoshop) are starting to take over my creative side. Anyway my painting is pretty bad although I enjoy doing it so it wont be long before I down brushes and up camera again!!!

travelling safety

this is not my original idea but it really works hey!
A much cheaper way than the norm to protect your lenses when travelling. Two $2 stubbie holders (stubbie is what we call those small beer bottles in Oz)cut to size. Voila
wrap em up like this and chuck them in your luggage

It had to happen

I have had taht many frriends commnet on this work, only a couple of days back someone said it would make a great card for a teenage boy. I wonder if that same someone is the one who purchased it, or just a coincidence? Anyway thankyou anonymus buyer!!!!!!
hot bike


Hey I was only getting the calendar ready with my daughter’s pictures and Red bubble put it on their home page!!!! well now my daughter has reclaimed her calendar and joined as Bex Trex and you can compliment her here

Sony A200

has anyone got an sonyA200 for sale? perhaps you are ready to graduate to something a bit more serious and I want to buy a camera for my daughter

Illegal? Help

I was in the markets photographing and was challenged by a really irate stallholder who told me I was breaking the law photographing their stall as their “goodies” (tee shirts etc) were copyright. I told her that was not the case but I didn’t want my camera smashed and it wasnt worth the argument anyway. I even graciously removed the images from my camera making the point that this was for the sake of her blood pressure not because she was right.
Where can I get a clear print out about the legalities of this sort of photography? I want to return to the markets next month and give this stallholder a copy, also to have a copy in my bag to address any future challenges.

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