+Got Mofongo+?: it is all about mashing it right :

hello everybody ….…

I am going for a blog. but first .. it is a large world out there. .
questions to self .
how do you present yourself ?.how do people find you ? why would they ever bother ?. what do you offer?.

I found this great resource of links .. when I typed in the search engine for # artist selling art on squido . sell art online

Blogging for artist’s

and I decided I would also give you a link to a great art blog I discovered.

The painting adventures of Ed Terpening

it has the following going for it .

simple to navigate

clear buttons to be able to see.
contact info
share buttons…… oh oh so important .

clear simple titles to the artwork
. I love how this artist has a way to see the recent comments in one link , instead of all over the place .

and all recent and old postings

my trip to Seattle with Elizabeth Bravo : the Bubblegum Wall and all that

I took a memorable trip recently . with a lovely redbubble friend,…… how cool is that!…

I need to share with you

I took a walk in this beautiful city early in the morning. I remember so well I had to find a place to park, and it took forever to find one… and by the time I got to find parking, I needed to go to the bathroom oh so bad. funny how these things stay with us. so on my way to find a place where a lady could “go”. I found myself looking around allot and falling in love with this great town .

I found one of the coolest diner cafe where I had a coffee right in front of the pikes market. and read the newspaper.

here is my left overs.

and then . I met …. Elizabeth. that afternoon….and. we went for a walk

and checked out the bubble gum wall… :)

we also checked out the wonderf

Trillium Gallery . The Trailer Park America Series and the Catskill Mountains!

I am thrilled to add an announcement of an exciting gallery opening of the Trillium

Maureen Maliha’s
Trillium Gallery in the Catskills Mountains near Woodstock NY for November 6th, 2010.
Maureen has tirelessly brought together a group of redbubblers and local artisans to display their work, including Linaji , Lianne, Allison, Rosa, Jim , Peter, Gene , Colleen , Tori , Glenn:, Robin ,

of course, Maureen and myself.
Local Catskills Artists will also be invited to display their work at Trillium for this event which will encompass Art, Photography, Writing, and Quiltmaking.
Those of you wishing to attend the exhibition and opening are invited to contact Maureen by email on .


hey …….

its a beautiful day !
you want to share some music . ?
navigating speed is phenom!

while trying to learn, is like getting used to a brand new pair of shoes…. it will grow on us. in the meantime… enjoy !!!

i love all types of music. usually though . Im not too crazy about meditation. but try me .

here is a type of music makes me think life is frieken good most of the time :)

dedicated to you all :)

call me kooky.



country, cumbia, hip hop, swing, motown …. just about anything :))))


Pink Panthers Magazine : Published series Trailer Park America

I am in shock and gratefulness …
Look at this …. “Pink Panther Magazine, a Celebration of Womens”art":

this magazine shines for its dedication to feminism and issues dear to our lady hearts..

the wonderful ladies :Anna Shaw
and Venus work this wonderful publication monthly … and it is filled with intensely diverse gorgeous deep meaningful , sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious heART.

Thankyou so much !!!!!!!!

Pages 35 through 39 highlight some of the series of my art and words … on Trailer Park America Series

Lets SoMBa!!

come with me to do the somba!.…

a new exhibit to show off works

visit my exhibit : Fluidity and Movement : curated by Isa Rodriguez

Once a month, Solo members get to create their own boutique art gallery with 12-24 artworks that we like – works of other artists, and a few of our own, too. My first SoMBA Gallery is a collection of art that vibrates with some fluidity , and or movement. be it either by way of digital art , or by way of showing an emotional touching movement .

SoMBA Galleries are brand new! Come see, I hope you like it! I have a visitor’s link in my intro, where you can click around the ring, and see some others, too!

There’s a curator’s policy at the top of the main gallery, and a “How to SoMBA Video” link in there. If you’re a Solo member, and want to make one, that’s all

Good Ole Fashioned Sunday songs :Grand Ole Opry, Austin City and much more

warning…….. if you dont like country. go and take a left here. :) .. you been warned

but if you like alternative worship there is a few of those too !……things you dont normally hear…… check out dc talk. and bob schneider, and punch brothers

Thought I would do this today . because I have been needing cleaning of my soul !:)














You are Invited to the Sojie 6 ! One of my works is there!


B37 : bingo Mailboxes. Trailer Park America Series
by Isa Rodriguez

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 43000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 6. SoJie 6 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 6th one, ever, and 62 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on September 1st, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. The work

picture gallery: only a test please

feel free to say . hmmmm. shes just working something…. and ignore me while I play. thanks :)…

I am loading pictures I found stored in another site. and trying to see if I can salvage any. thanks . and sorry for using this space this way until I sort them out. lol

of all of my personal treasure this one ranks pretty high…..

everyone here that I know so well. has passed on except for four…

scanning project

I love when mom looks straight at me and says dont take a picture. sorry

sneak a camera in or hide it or do something

candida in candidness

Natashas prom

lol …. cant part with this one ever

another lol treasure . thalia at the day care after a nap

naomi on her sled 1990

shave your legs girl before taking the shot ’


one bird one tree

almost monotone

beat it

a star in the n

daddy you are my muddy angel : a bit of rambled thougts

the days go by…. and all that is me .. is just always wanting to talk to daddy one more time………

love ya papi. you were loved always and I would have loved you to meet my grandkids and actually my children. you only saw my eldest for three years….

my children wonder about you quite often. and do ask questions about you and how you met mom and how you made us learn to iron our clothes. and taught us to scream about the next boxing match…and how you hated the yankees team. and told us to be mets fans..

i never figured out how you adored wrestling on tv. lol…… it would crack you up and make me shiver…

how you never needed to eat anything but rice and beans and mom would scold you ….

how you wrote her letters before you ever saw her….. and fell in love with her eyes while you were station in a

oil spill videos and information : and Homepage

this one is called why???

inspired by the incredible work by Esther Johnson… I decided we must get the whole world involved in helping to protest . clean up the mess… take pictures. . donate money… help families devastated by this. remember Forrest Gump?.well it is a true story. there are people whom shrimp!. they live off of the amazing quantity of shrimp in these waters. think of the cruises people will no longer be able to take around the Caribbean… remember the dolphins and the turtles… and last but not least…. Lets remember our children and grandchildren. this land and sea is their future.

we could make ten of these hp!…there is allot of work being created with peoples passions and hurts…….





A new Group!:) all Invited........the Ace Cafe !

a new group!/……………….called Ace cafe

where all can receive feedback on their images………… it is fun and engaging.. and definitely a big help from all involved on photography techniques and editing and composing……

the following have all gone through the process and have been deemed worthy of an Ace Spot ! :)….be a part of it……. be brave. be shot down be uplifted :) and join the fun

these were suggested as homepage selections!!!!!!!!


Im back!:) and I got pictures:)

here they go.:) please forgive the low res of the pictures. still waiting for my new pc fairy to come along :)
Bella my grand daughter……… the newest addition to the family tree..…

she reminds me allot of Ivan…….. her daddy…. my son….in looks. especially check out the upper lip…. no one has quite that lip. and she picked it up . :)

the eyes that stare you in wonder…….. curious kiddo….

and the jet black hair.. all of this is dad….

now that lower lip.. and the cheeks are moms……… what a great combination. like a salsa dip .:)…. lol…. she grew to love me in this short time. as I held her so much she couldn’t resist.. ♥

I shared a good half hour bathing her. and I do think shes a lover of getting all soaking wet… she adores the bath time…

here is daddy…………… being all grown up washing plastic

Webring: Alternate Art Expo!. Calling all artist of Red Bubble

See my work in the ALT-ART Expo!…

This week you can see many of your favorite artists, INCLUDING ME, showcasing their
Another opportunity to exhibit works through Solo Exhibition!!

Exhibiting artists include: Syd Baker, Janis Zroback, Helene Ruiz, Philip Gaida, Elizabeth Bravo, Linda Ridpath, Vickie Bodie, Catherine Walker, Elizabeth J. Plastino, Suellen Cook, Lynda Harris, David Riley, Neil Wooding, Sibel, Diana-Lee Saville, Kim McClain, Themis, Aleonart, Webbie, t0ray, Lynsye Medalia, Nancy Salamouny, Sam Dantone, Isa Rodriguez, Mel Davies, and the curator, F.A. Moore.

Join me at the ALT-ART Expo….

What is “alternative art”? It can be anything from murals to painted or hand made furniture, to decorative arts and accessories, garde

Painting on silk hankie : An Expo for you too .

Guess what!? Frannie did it again!…

she made a place for us to show off our works…. this time ! . it is called Alt -Art Expo.. a place for non tradition places in which to paint or collage or draw. .
Fun Inspiring Alternative Art

LOL!.what better place to be ?.. bathroom lighting in my home . is the best for my studio :).

I made this little piece of work, at my sisters home. when my niece walks in. my sisters daughter…

her name is Christine. a talent beyond any description I can describe… here she is. at a church gathering of women. and art… where she was teaching us how she draws. . she did her self portrait. in less that a half hour. while she was talking. thats just kooks:) shes too much .

she insisted we must do some art together. because she is just darling. and wanted a memory and

something you might not know about me

I adore Mack trucks!!!

soooooooo I suggested this as a possible homepage :)

and wooooooooooooo hooooooooooo .
lol..the girl is to add a feminine touch to the whole idea.

arent they all fabulous!. click on them each to get to them .

and just in case …………………. here is a tshirt………but it is a kentworth truck, lol.

and another mack .

Recipe: Hompage tributes to the Olympics a coming to Canada

I suggested these as homepages..

♥….with love. I present to you …….two visions………♥…… can click on them to find where Canada is….well in one of them it is more obvious….. Thankyou to the city of Vancouver. for hosting the world this week coming

Teamwork, Peace, Energy, Love, Hard work,Wisdom,Knowledge, and Beauty

Tryouts for the Olympics♥.aaaaaaaaaw

Recipe : a la Sagittarius. Homepage

Sagittarius for those born between November 23 and December 21…

Keywords: Optimism, Warmth, Honesty, Philosophical,
Colors: Deep Blue and Purples
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Image 1: Optimism: your outlook on life is contagious, you look upward, and forward in your every day
Image 2 : You jump into your activities with enthusiasm. ..but you can become more sullen if you feel that your wings have been clipped. Even in a restrictive situation, however, you’ll not lose hope—and it is this inspirational perspective that leads you to your greatest success.
Image 3: you are always on a quest to know more, travel more, seek more. The learning process itself is more important that what you have learned. It is all so exciting and adventurous.
Image 4 : The archer. This symbolizes the Sagitta

Recipe to fall in love with an Aries

here is the home page layout I suggest to redbubble today…

a story about what is is to be an Aries ……. yay. guess what I am ? ..I dont exactly go for all of that. but .. oh my.. sometimes it does seem to fit.. doesnt it ?

Image 1:Courage: you have been known to tread where angels dare not and you are a starter. you excel at starting new projects and can lead a pack.
Image 2: A sense of adventure, exuberance and curiosity accompanies you. you feel at home traveling the world and seeing things from every angle. you want to know how things tick, so to speak.
Image 3: Red is your symbolic color.. You are known to be passionate about things and you shine like a diamond. it is your gem.
Image 4: You are naturally creative and feel like the world is a never ending experiment of what to do ne

Hope for Haiti: Shakiras Performance

of all the performances that night .. filled with goosebump renditions and prayers.. and news….

this one said the most to me . so , I am placing it up here.

and this story………………….. inspiring to help out a casue theat needs us.

Ten Ways and more To help Haiti: Red Bubble shows its real heart always

I chose a homepage layout the day after the earthquake hit .. for I could not believe what was happening.. the human life lost , the homeless, the critically injured with no way to find a hospital or a bed or medicine . It is impossible to place in words how scared and painful this must be.
I am again so grateful for how the staff of Red bubble has seflessly given space on the home page to the images of Haiti. to give a sense of humanity and the enormous amount of help the people of Haiti need . One thing I do know .. it is close to my heart because I live in an area where thousands of Haitians live . My island of Puerto Rico has always considered Haiti to be special because of its proximity to us. And our Military Post" here in Florida are the branchout area from which most of the ai

My solo Exhibition .. You are all invited.. ♥

Hello.. to all of my friends and comrades♥…

Hello.. to all of my friends and comrades♥!My Solo Exhibition is on :)Host Hullabaloo : Im having a party , You are invited.

Hello.. to all of my friends and comrades♥!My Solo Exhibition is on :)Host Hullabaloo : Im having a party , You are invited.

Hello.. to all of my friends and comrades♥!My Solo Exhibition is on :)Host Hullabaloo : Im having a party , You are invited.Please join me at the Host Hullabaloo
Party taking place right now ..

Hello.. to all of my friends and comrades♥!My Solo Exhibition is on :)Host Hullabaloo : Im having a party , You are invited.Please join me at the Host Hullabaloo
Party taking place right now is a Solo Exhibition with 12 of my works featured .. :. oh yay!.. and a hosting hullabaloo reception . Click here to g

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