Shooting alligators and lassoing Larry

shared his best costume for Halloween ever journal .. and I promised him I would put up my best costume..

I dont celebrate Halloween very well.. although I think its huge fun to see the kids and adults dress up .

so here I am going on a shooting .. :) ,, dressed up in the famous “mule ride”. a four wheel super heavy duty jeep like thing" and i have never touched one of those rifles.. so , no.. this is not ours

Larry and I love to capture things that make us smile. we released this guy pretty quickly after placing him in a jar

and then we adore the
making whoopie lizards

we found this sweet guy eating calmly at his home in Alva, Florida

when out in the field Larry is always showing me alligators.. I never see them.. he usually points them out.. and then I run and shoot. and usually am too late for the punch.. but ah , well, it is the fun of the hunt .

and this is Larrys shot of me while out in the wild bush .. yeah right. me the coward . shooting alligators from the road. watch out alligator . here she comes

and last but not least of all

we are lassoed together

and we have danced this one on many a special time . lol

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