The tiresome joy

Do you ever get tired or run down by your emotions. Question or even Doubt God, think that your insignificant life could get anyworse. The funny thing is when we doubt the person who protects us and who’s influence you see the most. What effects you in a positive light yet why are we so drawn to negative influences. Why do we feel we have to impress or accomplish something to be someone. When in the individual being we have become or are molding into is just spectacular in itself. Showing highlights in faults which is more attractive than any “perfect” idea. The reality of our mistakes making us wiser or more capable of bettering our tomorrows. What about our peers showing us the bar or the standard to be met. Which group are you hanging around the one who allows you to just be yourself with your faults and splendor, or the ones who see both still love and appreciate you but help you and encourage you to better yourself for you and your loved ones. Think about which one would you rather honestly …. iron sharpens iron

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