Daily, I watch the winds of change sweeping away what remains of the American western culture and heritage, and the land that has produced them.

After many years of roving, I returned to my hometown: Cherry Creek, Nevada (population 20). My mission is to preserve as much as I can of that which will soon vanish, through photography.

All proceeds from my sales support my work photographing and documenting wild horses, and the range they inhabit. My territories include, but are not limited to Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) throughout central and eastern Nevada.

My work has been published in Nevada Magazine, JPG Magazine, and has been exhibited as far away as the American Chamber of Commerce in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am a founding member of Steptoe Valley Photographers’ Association,and former vice chairman of McGill Revitalization Association (McGill, Nevada).

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

Co-Curator: Seasons Of Light Landscape Photography Exhibition



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Cold And Lonely
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Wild As The Wind
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Indelible Memory
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Home On The Range

Tea For Two

On The Move

“Linaji Award for Mastery of Nature Photography”

Nevada Magazine Art Director’s Choice
(SEP/OCT 2012)

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Mustang Trail
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Wisdom And Grace
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Winter Trail
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Western Luna
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Mustang’s Miracle
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Aspiring To Glory
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Eye Of Time
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Journey’s End
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Homestead Winter
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Standing Elk, The New Moon And Venus
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Thundering Hoofbeats
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Moment Of Illumination
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Cherry Creek Drive-Thru
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"This won't hurt a bit ... "

“This won’t hurt a bit ..” / Please NOTE: I encourage unrestricted sharing of this image – especially with / press entities in Oklahoma, such as Oklahoma Bureau of Tourism, et al. / Despite outrage in Europe and elsewhere, over the discovery of misidentified HORSE MEAT in beef products, proponents of horse slaughter in the United States are rallying to support legislation to reopen slaughter hou…
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Wild Horse Field Reports from Eastern Nevada

In partnership with GrassrootsHORSE I am charged with the task of providing field reports on the many small bands of mustangs that I customarily follow, anyway — plus some new ones. The objective being to develop a more comprehensive body of information about our native wild equids — both before, and following BLM roundups. / I will add links to my blog as each report is made. / 1. …
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