What makes a good image? (for me) Part 2

Alright…I got to the 3 criteria in part 1 of what makes a good image for me.

Then again, there are difference genre of photography and they lend themselves to be view differently.

Landscapes that I like has the WOW factor, in fact thats the biggest factor for a good landscape image. But there are landscapes with WOW but no emotion factor. There are landscape prints that I enjoy looking at that when I look at makes me feel. and those are the ones that i revisit ever so often. I examine them and try to learn how it was done. I have been able to do many prints quite like them, but I’m a noob and they are pro, and some of them are also dead.

Portraits have less of a WOW factor, unless it is a photo of a really hawt chick. It also depends on the type of portrait. head and shoulder portrait or environmental protrait. Its less wow or emotion, and more of how the photographer makes their subject interesting. good portraits have good story. I like to look at portraits technically. These things draw me into examine the image closely.

There are things in this world that are not perfect and it is impossible for them to be perfect. Not even my cats are perfect. One is silly and they other likes to knock things off the table. Or “My boyfriend is great except his thing is too small” or “My girlfriend is great except that she doesnt like me”. I am picky with my images because I know that unlike life, they can be perfect or as close to perfect as I know. Finally something within my control.

Next….how to achieve perfection….

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