Pamela Hubbard

Lafayette, United States

I am originally from California and now living in Colorado. The landscape here has been the source of my inspiration in my photography. I...

It was meant to be!

I just love it when I download my photos and find an unexpected surprise. That’s what happened with the photo of this pretty butterfly. I stood there with my camera pointed at him waiting for the right moment to snap his picture but he would not come out from behind the leaves. I clicked a couple just for the heck of it then gave up on him and went to find another butterfly that would cooperate!

When I first saw the photo on my computer screen I thought it look like a dream. The kind where you wake up and know it was a good one but can’t quite remember what it was about.

I am glad I did not delete it before the download. That’s one thing I learned the hard way. Be patient and wait till you can see it on the monitor. I have deleted photos unintentionally, Grrrrrrr that makes me mad!

Well here is my mishap of a photo… What do you think?

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