Pamela Hubbard

Lafayette, United States

I am originally from California and now living in Colorado. The landscape here has been the source of my inspiration in my photography. I...

A Good Start For A Starving Artist

I have been told by many to do something with my photos. I have been told that I have an ‘eye’ for photography. I finally found the courage to walk into the local coffee house and ask if they promote the local artists and handed them my card. To my shock they surprised me by inviting me to be the featured artist for the month of October!I spent the last month and the last of my bank account, preparing to hang my art photography on the walls of ‘The Curious Cup’ coffee house! Let me say that they have the best cup of java I ever tasted! Well it was a lot harder and stressful than I thought it would be but most definitely worth it. My dear friends Terri and Chris helped me get everything up on the walls and were my main support in keeping my feet on the ground. Terri who all along has been my biggest encouragement is my very own personal cheerleader! Oh and I especially owe much thanks to my dear sweet hubby for not saying anything about how much I spent on this project. I noticed his eyes rolling a couple of times but never said a word.There I am with a big smile on my face, giddy as all get out! I have even more good news. This afternoon I got a call and was told that one of my pieces sold! Woooooo Hooooo!!!! Someone bought one of my bicycle photos.I also owe thanks to Red Bubble for helping me take the big step of making my photos available to the public! This site rocks!!!!!!Well there you have it. I am now officially “A Starving Artist!”

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