What Does RedBubble Mean To You

There was no way I could fit all of the wonderful responses I got to this question in BubbleWrap so I thought I’d share some more of them with you here and invite you to add what RedBubble means to you too.

What Does RedBubble Mean To You? (in 50 words or less)

not getting my real work done, sore wrists, scraped knees from photo shoots, the company of equally minded loony brains who are mad as a cut snake, being able to approach any subject in front of an open minded audience without the fear of fists flyling…all of which i would never want to have to trade in…

Jessica Tremp

red bubble means building new friendships, meeting new and interesting people from all over the world.
red bubble means that I can share my work with others and get their opinion on my work and also sell it at reasonable prices to any one any where in the world with ease.
because of rb I get to meet people and view their art that I other wise would not have know that even existed and I also get to be a member of an awesome community with hundreds of lovely and very talented artist, writers, painters, drawers, photographers.
Red bubble also means that I can get great advice and help with my work with out it being a big deal or a hassle to any one and I look at rb as kind of giving me a further education with my photography and also life’s history.
I now can’t live with out rb and don’t want to, if I didn’t come across rb I would be lost.


I am very new to Red Bubble, but I feel like I’ve been embraced with wide open arms. I’ve never participated in a creative community that actually matches my own enthusiasm – that is until now! For me, RB is a place where I can engage with other artists, some whom I’ve admired in national design magazines. The opportunity for networking is incredible, and I’ve never seen it work so seamlessly on a website with such enjoyable and addictive results!

Natalie Baird

Redbubble to me is a community full of great artists who strive to create. Its a great place to hang out and make friends with people who have a common goal. To improve on ones own performance and encourage others to do the same.

Julie Langford

Redbubble, to me, is possibility and growth. Encouraging me whilst challenging me. Allowing me vulnerability whilst strengthening me. Redbubble is like the parent teaching me to ride a bike for the first time – giving me the support, the training wheels, sticking close by me…yet letting me go at that last moment, allowing me to ride free, to find my own way.

Kristy Lee

I found Red Bubble in May 2007 and signed up without really knowing what I was letting myself in for, but hoping to increase Sydney’s awareness of 3D CG art. As I started uploading work, I noticed people were commenting on each picture I uploaded… all very positive. Other artists immediately started to favourite my work and also added me to their watchlists. I belong to other sites worldwide, and I have not had the same overwhelming response to my work anywhere else online.

Since joining Red Bubble ….

- my work has been viewed close to 50000 times

- I’ve had a whole exhibition printed by Bubble

- I have met many amazing artists and writers at Red Bubble, some of whom I have had the honour of working with… Paul Louis Villani, Witheringmoon, Steve Axford, Hans Kawitzki, Richie Dean, Kevin Kroeker, Kathleen, Damian and Veronica Purcell and James Pierce to mention a few (ok to mention a lot!)

- I have a place to send potential clients to view my portfolio

- I met Bodymechanic here at the bubble and now my work is on display at Gallery 26 in Sydney and through him was also exhibited at the Tap Gallery, also in Sydney … this has led to exhibitions at other venues.

There have been many more bubble experiences for me, but these are the stand out ones.

Rose Moxon

RedBubble is more than just a shopfront for me, it’s a community and almost a family that I am happy to be a part of. I enjoy helping our other members, talking about absolute garbage (in the Soapbox forum) and commenting on some very great work! I joined this site at the start of September ‘07 and I’m proud to say that I already feel like I’ve been here for a very very long time, or as I was here when it first started. I’ve seen the community grow and evolve in the last couple of months and enjoy it very much.

Faizan Qureshi

For me, RedBubble is all about passion!
I love life, art, creation, experimentation, expression and the feeling of community, and want to share every bit of it with people who have the same passion for it as I do. RedBubble gives us all that opportunity.
It’s a way to connect and share and express yourself in the way we all need to deep down.

James Price

Redbubble is the first place I log onto when I get online in the morning, the only place I feel a real sense of community and sharing, and the best place for an artist on the web to be if they are interested in friendship, inspiration, top notch administration, and the potential to sell their work in a user friendly environment!

Mundy Hackett

The best part about RB for me has been meeting people with similar interests and the sharing of knowledge and ideas as a consequence of those meetings.
When I say “meeting” I mean meeting in the physical sense, not just in cyberspace!

Andrew Bosman

redbubble is a place where I can share my work with others who share the same interest as myself. But it’s more then just that, It’s a place where I can go and spend time just letting loose in the forums, and have a little fun at the same time with other artists within the community. :)


An ideal vehicle for artist interaction that has inspired and motivated me. I’ve made new friends, shared ideas, collaborations and have come to appreciate and enjoy the originality and creativity that abounds on RB. I’ve become an armchair traveler, an observer, a participant and a student. But, most importantly…… I’ve realised how fortunate I am.
Thank you redbubble for this journey!


What RedBubble means to me, is a collective of like-minded creative souls, coming together to form one fantastic place to hangout online. Where you can see anything and everything, and find inspiration for your creativity and even meet some wonderful people.



Beautiful Artwork and Writing
Benefiting everyone
Life IS a Bubble

Craig Shillington

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