Nasty Bubblemails

I seem to get my share of creepy and nasty bubblemails and emails. Thankfully not all that often, but often enough.

I have always used two tactics with such people. The first is to reply to them “I don’t think that was an appropriate email to send, but seeing as how you do, you won’t mind me publishing it with your email address on my profile.” While this works well as a scare tactic, it doesn’t prevent them from moving onto another victim. The other tactic is to report the offending bubblemail to redbubble using the link provided and let someone objective review it and act.

Today I got an (in my opinion unprovoked) email that said:

“You are so disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is just the latest. I’ve had much worse: untalented, slut, idiot, you should be ashamed, f words, revolting… the list goes on. Heck, I’m the first to admit when I’ve pushed someone’s buttons wrong but I’m only quoting ‘out of the blue’ type mails here. Anyway… I’m on a tangent.

My discussion questions are:

What do you think is the best way to deal with people who bubblemail or email nasty things? Do people actually use the report button? And if not – why not? Any good ideas for how to tackle situations where people are not as lovely as they first appear? Where does this type of behavior become bullying or harrassment?

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