Fake Blood Folio

I grew up in a family where we were encouraged to play with mud, make mess and use our imaginations. Maybe I’m old enough to ‘know better’ but I still enjoy those things. And I have discovered a particular interest and aptitude for making, but more importantly, applying, fake blood.

My Blood Menu

Mouth Blood
Suitable for drinking, spitting, gurgling, does not sting if you get some in your eyes, contains no dairy products, keeps for several weeks if refrigerated
Flavors: Mint, Chocolate, Raspberry

Translucent Blood
The best blood for shining light through, such as in a glass, down a window or on a mirror. Also looks great on white bathroom tiles. Slightly “faker” looking for tacky retro gore.

Sticky Blood
Best for applying directly to skin or clothes as it sticks where you put it and drips slowly (so you have some time to take photos). Also available in a thinner version for real time dripping

Clot Blood
Best for old wounds, scabs, and deep wounds. Needs to be specially applied. Sticks well to over the counter meat products. Appears darker to regular blood to give texture and colour variation

Splash Blood
Best for bulk uses such as filling a bath with blood. Each recipe is designed for the particular project depending on the consistency required. Non-sticky so will run and drip like water. Works in a spray bottle of water pistol.

See some examples of my work Here


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