Deleting/Blocking Comments

Just throwing an idea around in here before sticking this in a forum.

How do you think it would go down if artists had the ability to delete ANY comments made on their artwork at their discretion and bypassing any offical reporting procedure? A more extreme version of this is blocking particular members from commenting on any of your work in cases of say, creepy or pervy vibes.

My thinking is that it would allow artists to ‘draw the line’ on the tone of comments found acceptable by the individual. Recently I got a few comments that I’d rather not have had visible to the whole wide world that were not ‘bad enough’ to report. They were more a refelection of the commenter than of my work and it would have been nice to delete them so as to encourage more of the mature and constructive comments I was also getting and really appreciating.

Would allowing artists to do this create other problems? How well does it work on other sites? I’m just curious as to what other people think of this.

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