Selling Photography

This is based on my experience working at markets and in “painting and sculpture” galleries. I have heard of exclusively photographic galleries (collaborative- not just for a single photographer) which are an easier market but I am yet to find one in Melbourne.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions presented in this journal are not a substitute for professional advice and are based on analogical evidence

Things that I have found help to sell photography are:
1) Taking a strikingly lucky, creative and one off image that others would struggle to replicate
2) Presenting your photos in an original way
3) Providing support material to the seller about the image and yourself
4) Signing the image and providing info on the back
5) Having a variety of photos available for sale
6) Only having one copy of each image on display

Things I have found detract from selling photography
1) Inferior or unsuitable framing or packaging
2) You are selling a whole bunch of your images and most of them look similar- or more so, look like you took them all on the same day
3) No information about the image is available
4) No image about the photographer is available
5) I hate to say it but photographers with birthdates in the 1980s should consider omitting this information from their biography because youth = inexperience in the minds of some buyers. The exception seems to be works using a lot of photomanipulation.
6) Damaged prints or packaging
7) And it might have seemed the most obvious point but images that are not interesting, or that do not fufil a decorative need

There are many ways of presentaion your images including:
1) Loose prints or posters
2) Matted prints (and whether to sign the image or the mat)
3) Canvas Prints
4) Framed Prints
5) Putting your images on other products (tastefully)

Generally speaking, bad presentation will doom the sale of even the most amazing photograph and that the more creative and unusual your presentation, the more attention you and your work will recieve.

Who has some other tips?

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