I'm cooking

I moved out of home when I was 14 so I never really leaned how to cook. My partner and I tend to live on $6 Parma nights and $10 steak nights at the local pubs and supplement that with good and cheap Indian, Italian and Thai food from Lygon Street when we feel like we’ve been eating too much crap.

I love it really, choosing somewhere, walking over, choosing from several meals what you feel like, telling someone how you like it so that they can cook it for you just right, eating it amongst other people, all the banter and talking about each other’s day, and then the best bit… handing someone a VISA card and leaving without having to clear a single plate or wash a single pot!

Well recently due to budgetary constraints the ‘eating out 6 nights a week’ habit had to go and I have begun cooking. It was a shaky start with a few disappointments but the last few meals have been better than most of the stuff I order from restaurants. Right now I’ve got sweet and sour chicken in the oven and my kitchen smells divine!

I would never consider myself the cooking type. I’ve been known to burn pasta, undercook meat, overcook everything else, mix the wrong things, leave things out, make 5 times what is required and many other problems. Maybe if I search somewhere deep inside myself there is a 1950s housewife waiting to emerge fully equipped with a floral apron and rolling pin?

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