we change and grow

These are some of the very first images I uploaded to RedBubble. I was shooting with a compact and disposable cameras, didn’t know any other photographers and certainly wouldn’t have shown my work to anyone! I was a beginner and scared.

RedBubble was a fantastic discovery. I met other creative people. People who encouraged me to keep shooting, told me it was a good idea to spend every last cent of my cash on camera gear and held my hand through the terrifying world of PhotoShop. John spent an hour explaining to me what aperture is with umbrella analogies. Hien showed me the other settings on my camera. (The ones that aren’t called ‘auto’) I made friends online and off. And thanks to this circle of support, my photography and confidence started to improve.

As time has gone on I have found myself slowly moving from that terrified beginner needing help every step of the way, into someone who can occasionally help others. Recently my sister bought her first SLR. I sat down with her and managed to explain what aperture is (she didn’t need the umbrella analogy).

RedBubble is a vibrant community, full of artists at many places on their creative journey. And it is this mix of people that make this place so enriching to be a part of. Without those more advanced photographers and friends who guided me, I would have never learned and developed as fast as I have (and continue to). Now I hope to give something back to the community that helped me along for so long, and perhaps to give someone else the opportunities for friendship and support I have enjoyed on my creative journey so far.

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