Call For Models (Melbourne AUS) Call For Models

Ideally you will be…

  1. prepared to give it a go and try something different or even a bit unflattering
  2. based in Melbourne, Australia
  3. look completely normal or utterly unusual or anything in between
  4. accept red wine, love and photos as currency

I take my responsibility as a photographer seriously. Prior to a shoot I will talk to you about my ideas, what I want you to do, how I want you and the whole image to look and discuss different options. I aim to create an art piece that best utilizes your particular look and attitude whatever that may be. If you don’t look like a typical model, brilliant.

I do not shoot underage models without a parent in attendance and encourage all models to bring a chaperon or friend to shoots. I always encourage models to leave their mobile phones switched on, take regular breaks, tell someone where we will be shooting and when they can be expected home. I provide examples of my work, and models I have worked with previously will happily attest to my not being a scam artist or psycho.

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